I am ashamed to admit this but a major reason I am buying the Xbox One is...

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User Info: Madness2012

3 years ago#31
There's nothing to be ashamed of,the Achievement system is amazing,and the trophy system always felt generic to me.Enjoy getting your achievements,im going to....

User Info: unclekoolaid73

3 years ago#32
TC whats your gamer score?

User Info: jzbadblood

3 years ago#33
It takes like 20 plus minutes to sync my trophies and I always cancel it out. Haven't looked at my trophies since 2011. Achievements on the other hand actually work and tally up into a big satisfying number. Much preferred.

User Info: stimshady08

3 years ago#34
I'm in exactly the same boat. Trophies are not nearly as satisfying as achievements for me. Don't know why and it's only my opinion. I just don't like how the trophy system is handled.

I like the meaningless number that continues to grow. I one both consoles now and love achievements. They make me try things I otherwise wouldn't in a lot of cases. Me and my 94k gamerscore are sticking with Xbox at launch although I'll own both.

I like both systems and both will have there strengths but I'll admit, achievements are why ps4 had no chance for me on launch day.
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User Info: deadmarv

3 years ago#35
I just don't understand the trophy/achievement hunter mentality.

User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#36
I'm slightly excited about the "dynamic achievements" thing. Devs can now add additional achievements for games without making you download an update. That's pretty cool.
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User Info: xninjagrrl

3 years ago#37
I wish XBL had something like PS Home. I have a sweet space station apt but no ps network friends so it's pointless
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User Info: 95_Eclipse

3 years ago#38
Achievements are just there to keep the simple minded playing longer than they otherwise would. A superficial reward for doing nothing truly special, usually something repetitive.

Some games, have put in decent achievement challenges, but at the end of the day, the useless far outweigh the 'good'. But, that said, a huge population of the planet is simple minded fools, so it's good that they have the pointless achievements, and don't make them something that's actually hard, instead of just a time sink. Hard = bad to casuals.
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User Info: khardbored

3 years ago#39
Wow. Could you have been any more insulting?

So I just beat game X. During my initial play-through I simply played the game. I paid no attention to the achievements.
Game X, by itself, has little to no replay value. In days gone by, that would be it. I might play it again years later to reminisce but that probably would only last a few hours.
Instead of the game sitting on my shelf collecting dust, I can now go back and attempt some addition challenges that the developers threw in there. Pretty cool! Some achievements are rather dull and thrown in a game without thought whereas others take time, dedication and skill.

So how does all that make me simple minded, Eclipse?
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User Info: stekim40

3 years ago#40
gray_fox_00 posted...
You know Sony does a trophy system right?

I'm just not sure why this is a deciding factor. Then again I don't get achievements or trophies in general, so what do I know really?

Same here.. but they aren't for us.. they are for the children who need to be handheld and told what to do in games as these days kids have no imagination whatsoever... shame,
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