The online console war is not a representation of the real world...

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User Info: streamjumper

4 years ago#41
khardbored posted...
This stuff about reassurance is getting so old. We post something that shows the Xbox One in a positive light and it's instantly some attempt at reassuring ourselves that our console of choice is a good one. Why do you all keep doing that? Is it that important for you to say "Reassurance topic"? What are you trying to accomplish?

Easy way to flippantly dismiss something and get people's goat at the same time. Think autopilot for trolling.
Darwin, set the Wayback Machine...

User Info: game freakozoid

game freakozoid
4 years ago#42
HENTAIDOJI posted...
game freakozoid posted...
HENTAIDOJI posted...
Hah. Obviously.

look at gamefaqs approvals rating of kinect before it became best selling entertainment product of all time (2010).

85% said do not want.

polls lie. Traffic shows trends and gamefaqs tells us coddy squaddies are migrating to xbone. Whoever nets them wins the gen.

Of course this blatantly ignore the fact that while Kinect sold well, it very quickly became unused for most people after Dance Party and collected dust. Its attachment rate was absolutely horrible. Thus now that the uninformed know what it is, and have the experience of the Kinect 1 in their mind, they aren't really likely to get the Kinect 2.0

So? You think Kinect is bundled with Xbox One to take gaming forward? Ha! No. Its there beause lame ass gimmicks sell, especially hated ones. Combine that with the interest of a next gen console (which kinect didn't have) a non existant Nintendo presence, uncompetitive competitors and un unmatched marketing budget and this is gonna blow sky high.

or the industry wiill collapse under its own filth. The only questions is whos left at the end, xbox one on the throne or xbox 360 on the ashes.

Lame ass gimmicks don't really sell that well now that people have moved on to their phones. Just look at the Wii U. And I'm not sure how you are getting uncompetitive competitors when it has PS4 blowing it out of the water every way you look and doing a good job marketing the console also.

but are likely to get the xbox one that it comes with. All things considered they probably don't even realize that it's 500 bucks because of kinect 2.0.

Again the first part comes down to price. The second part is they will realize that $500 is a bunch and they'll either get the cheaper console or figure it'll go the route everything goes and eventually offer a cheaper option without the part they don't care about.
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  3. The online console war is not a representation of the real world...

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