Why are some people upset about the Xone ads?

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User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#31
There's people in this thread defending commercials.... Commercials on a video game console!!!
Commercials, really?? Hahaha!

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User Info: bob15x

3 years ago#32
Keep in mind that MS is giving you the choice. Not sure if anyone installed windows 8.1 but there are settings there to turn off the advertising collecting. I am sure it will be the same way with xbox one.

then there is google that rips it out of you without even your knowledge.

I am ok with the ad stuff if you have the choice to opt out which looks like MS is giving you that option. So if that is correct, then no one has any right to complain because there is nothing to complain about.

User Info: Foppe

3 years ago#33
hiplock posted...
You have to look at who is actually getting paid to advertise. If you sign up for cable, cable's not getting money for those commercials. The tv shows are. That's how television programs make their money.

You sure about that?
Because around here, a production company create/pays for the TV shows.
Then the TV Channels buys the rights to air the TV shows from the production company.
And the TV channels get paid for showing commercials.
Now I know that it may be confusing when the TV channel owners also owns production companies, but it's still the same basic steps.
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  3. Why are some people upset about the Xone ads?

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