Please tell me this isn't true!!!

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User Info: vashtricham

4 years ago#11
whitelytning posted...
Don't get me wrong, it would be nice, but there was no indication that these kinds of devices would work for future consoles releases. You were buying a headset to work with the current gen in the same way you buy a controller, or charger, or battery. No guarantee to think it would be compatible with the next gen.

Well if msoft was actually considering gamers into their business equation and not only thinking of their bottom line then they would either include the adapter or do what ps4 did
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User Info: rubberGasket

4 years ago#12
triple s posted...
rubberGasket posted...
This is sort of bs. The kinect mic better not sound anywhere near what the 360's sounds like. I can't stand when people use those things. Automatic mute right there.

You do know this only pertains to Xbox 360 headsets right? Meaning, you'll still be able to use the headset that comes with the console.

Yeah but I'll be using my A40's, and I don't want to sound like an underwater bum.
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User Info: shawntew9935

4 years ago#13
1 Plug the headset into the optical out as normal.
2 Use the kinect as a mic, if you are using headphones there will not be much if any noise to filter out.
3 Set your voice output to speaker so you can hear people talking.

Boom no loss of quality.
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  3. Please tell me this isn't true!!!

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