Is xbox one really that bad?

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User Info: iSkadoosh

4 years ago#21
The xbone isn't bad, it's just not as good as the PS4.
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User Info: straymatter

4 years ago#22
XB1 is a beast! These consoles are starting to emerge now. It's going to be big news every day now.

User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#23
maheo30 posted...
No, it's not that bad. It will be a great console with great games.
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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#24
SoulTrapper posted...
Microsoft messed it up at the launch and E3, which is when they lost a big part of their core audience: gamers.

They reversed a lot of stuff to catch up to the ps4, but it's still mostly build as a multimedia console instead of a gaming console.
So they might get attention and sales in a different market segment to catch up with the losses in the gamers segment, but I doubt that will happen simply because those different market segments usually just follow whatever is popular with their gamer friends.

The xbox itself isn't that bad, it's just not as good as the ps4 in terms of power, costs $100 more, has a mandatory camera that can stream personal data to Microsoft and has a very negative image attached to it thanks to Microsofts messing up.

This. And the way exclusive games have gone at the end of the 360/PS3 gen isn't helping them either. Why would I want an Xbox One now when my 360 is completely unused? Every game it has I can also play on PS3 or PC. Meanwhile I've still been playing PS3 exclusive games this year. The only one 360 had that I can recall is Gears of War Judgement, and that sucked.

Microsoft relied too much on third party exclusives. Third parties ditched them and went multiplatform when PS3 sales picked up. If Microsoft actually gets some exclusive this time around that stay exclusive, I'll pick up an Xbone. Until then, why bother? Even the big Xbone launch "exclusive" Titanfall that people brag about isn't exclusive; I already own two platforms I could play Titanfall on without buying an Xbone.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.

User Info: JustinFF

4 years ago#25
I don't think it's a BAD console, as such, merely that Microsoft have not only been outmaneuvered by their competition but they have also had quite a few incidents of massively shooting themselves in the foot.

Base comparison:

- Designed as a full-range multimedia machine. However, this has worked against it as all the non-gaming features are already performed by other devices, and a lot of their partnerships (such as their NFL partnership) have no interest to people outside America. (Like 0.1% of the UK/European/Japanese market follows American Football) People buy a console to play games, not to act as a TV box.

- Designed with Kinect in mind. Trouble is, serious gamers don't care about Kinect titles and have become tired of Kinect exclusives. Serious gamers don't care about dance and workout games, and don't want to have to stand in the living room swinging their arms like a loon to control the play.

- A focused but limited exclusive gamer base. XBox has always focused on games that are principally popular in America, such as Shooters, Sports & Driving. Yes, there are a few RPGs and Adventure games that are exclusive, but they have mostly gone for the young male demographic.

- Designed with advertisement and money men in mind. The trouble is, while this will net you profit, and will bring in more revenue to develop games, it takes the focus away from the games, and can also annoy customers.

- A number of key PR missteps. DRM, Kinect information gathering, Resales. All of these they have had to step back from, which has damaged their message and has turned 'undecided voters' away.

- A powerful launch selection, brought on by their massive investment. Trouble is, most intelligent gamers know that launch titles are irrelevant to the long term success of the console and are no indication of the quality that will be launched in a year or two.

- More expensive. It will not discourage hardcore gamers, who will FIND the money, but finances are tight these days, and in regular families when mom and dad are looking to see whether they can finance Christmas this year, it is a consideration. Also, a lot of that price is due to the mandatory Kinect system, that most people really didn't want in the first place.

- From the start, designed as a pure games machine, without any thought to any other multimedia experience. They're not even touting the fact that you'll be able to play Blu-Rays or stream Youtube/Netflix - all Sony's focus has been on gaming.

- Diverse gamer base. PlayStation caters to fans of shooters, sports, driving, strategy, RPGs, adventure, puzzle, quirky indie titles and more. Chances are, no matter how strange your tastes, you will find something on PlayStation. They also have the Japanese developer support, which Microsoft just don't have in bulk.

- Sony have consistently stayed on message. They have been criticised for not making regular announcements, but the truth is they haven't really had to. They got a strong performance in at E3 and have managed to mostly keep their feet out of the manure. If this were an election campaign, Sony nailed the New Hampshire primary and sailed ahead, while Microsoft were caught sleeping with the intern and have never been able to fully recover.

- Sony have a weaker exclusive launch line-up, but they still have a very good range, and intelligent gamers look to the future. Sony's real heavy hitters have games lined up for the 1 year plus mark, and key companies will most likely be PlayStation exclusive such as Naughty Dog, Level 5, SEGA, Namco, Atlus and non-Final Fantasy Square Enix titles.

I try not to let brand loyalty skew my perspective, but the choice has been pretty clear for me. I'm no fan of shooters, driving or sports games, I have no interest in motion sense games, and my favourite games come from PS exclusive studios.

Not a BAD console, it just missed the mark for me.

User Info: Jeh64

4 years ago#26
I still got mine preordered, I don't think the console will be bad at all.

User Info: ShaunageAU

4 years ago#27
It'll be fine and it'll do fine. People still believe a lot of things that aren't true about it.
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User Info: UddersAndBlades

4 years ago#28
I have one pre ordered and am very excited for it. It's really not that bad.
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User Info: XtremeWRATH360

4 years ago#29
When you force consumers to spend more money on your product for a device that may or may not use you have lost touch with reality and deserve any negative feedback that comes with it. Their arrogance will be their downfall.
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User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#30
kyncani posted...
Millertime660 posted...
barrysshoes posted...
As someone who HATES Sony and Nintendo, I can honestly say that the XONE is by far the worst next-gen console. It really does look that bad, even when compared to the other 2 consoles which haven't blown me away either.

care to elaborate why it looks bad? graphics? the system itself? the OS?

Last E3 Sony came up on stage and said : hey, you know the Xbox One ? Well, the PS4 will be pretty much the opposite.
And everyone applauded.

That bad.

so very true...Sony didn't even have to say what their console was...they merely had to point to the XB1 and say "See that over there, yeah, we're not that"...and people were sold.

A company should never be able to point to the product of their competitor as an example of why you should buy their stuff. They should have to prove that their product is superior the competitor by making points...not simply saying "We aren't that".
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