Is xbox one really that bad?

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User Info: epicfailtryhard

4 years ago#31
bravo, justinff.

pure poetry, sir.

well stated.
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User Info: nodley

4 years ago#32
Compared to the Wii U it's outstanding.

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#33
fan360 posted...
Does that mean xbox will not sell at all?

No. It will sell around a million consoles on launch.
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User Info: zooknut

4 years ago#34
barrysshoes posted...
As someone who HATES Sony and Nintendo, I can honestly say that the XONE is by far the worst next-gen console. It really does look that bad, even when compared to the other 2 consoles which haven't blown me away either.

why even bother playing games at all then? damn.....such negativity

User Info: JustThink1st

4 years ago#35
Of course its not that bad. The perception of it is. Between them screwing themselves with their horrid reveal and the insecurity of PS4 fans who have to relentlessly attack it every chance they get it seems to the average uninformed person to be terrible. This perception doesn't match up with reality as they have more games then ever (both their own, games previously in Sonys domain like FF, MGS and KH3, and new stuff like Titanfall, Project Spark and Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac). They also have introduced new technology and it always takes proof that these will be fun for gamers, no one will ever take MSs word. I dont think it would surprise anyone intelligent if it was a horrible failure but nor would they be surprised if it absolutely left the PS4 in the dust by having better games features and services while the PS4 is just a watered down PC.
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User Info: garan

4 years ago#36
EternalVarik posted...
Yes, Xbone is really that atrocious.

And I am not even joking.

This. I wouldn't take one for free.

User Info: DarkReign2022

4 years ago#37
No. The two systems are quite literally on par in every way. The PS4 questionably has a slight edge in hardware, but the Xbox arguably has a superior exclusive lineup for the time being and undoubtedly has a superior controller design and a more easy-to-use user-interface on the dashboard as well as the ability to multitask on the fly thanks to the inclusion of the Kinect.

Other than that, there is no difference. They both play games, they both watch movies, they both browse the web. They both charge an annual fee to play online and allow the use of used games and offline play (since a lot of idiots still seem to be under the belief that the Xbox blocks used games and requires mandatory online connectivity.)

User Info: whitelytning

4 years ago#38
A lot of terrible neck beard posters in this thread. Your tears are delicious.

Someone save this thread, in two or three months most of the people crying about how bad the XB1 is will be owning one.

User Info: EliteGuard99

4 years ago#39
BigBossMakaveli posted...
SoulTrapper posted...
Microsoft messed it up at the launch and E3, which is when they lost a big part of their core audience: gamers.

They reversed a lot of stuff to catch up to the ps4, but it's still mostly build as a multimedia console instead of a gaming console.
So they might get attention and sales in a different market segment to catch up with the losses in the gamers segment, but I doubt that will happen simply because those different market segments usually just follow whatever is popular with their gamer friends.

The xbox itself isn't that bad, it's just not as good as the ps4 in terms of power, costs $100 more, has a mandatory camera that can stream personal data to Microsoft and has a very negative image attached to it thanks to Microsofts messing up.

Agreed, the Xbone is garbage
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User Info: maheo30

4 years ago#40
garan posted...
EternalVarik posted...
Yes, Xbone is really that atrocious.

And I am not even joking.

This. I wouldn't take one for free.

I feel the same way about the PS4.

And I am not even joking.
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