If you think this system is "bad" can you please define "bad" for us.

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  3. If you think this system is "bad" can you please define "bad" for us.

User Info: SirLemont

3 years ago#31
whitelytning posted...
SoulTrapper posted...

What's bad:

-Price: higher than competition, lesser hardware
-Mandatory peripheral (kinect)
-Focus on multimedia
-Microsoft tried to implement mandatory DRM and 24-hour check-ins

Again, just because you don't like something doesn't mean its bad.

Maybe, but when a lot of people don't like something, and it causes it to be outsold by its biggest competitor, then it IS bad.

User Info: TheBonfini

3 years ago#32
It's all about perspective. Compared to Wii-U it's good. Compared to Playstation Sony 4 it's bad.
Sony will sell the most systems next gen so most people will view it as bad.
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User Info: Cegen

3 years ago#33
Terrible as in Microsoft having a terrible marketing strategy. The Xbox One seems more like an hybrid entertainment/video game system. If I want an entertainment system I would purchase an Apple TV or a TiVo. I think Microsoft has to much on there plate when it comes to marketing the Xbox One, they should of played in one field either gaming or entertainment. Good on them for trying to merge entertainment and gaming into one. I think bundling the kinect and making it vital for the One was a bad idea. From an American economical standpoint and the recent recession. Sony will prevail, the lower cost item that does essentially the same performance for $100 cheaper, people will flock to the PS4. People like saving money marketing 101.
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User Info: Bigdaddy422

3 years ago#34
All this hate on MS is misguided and pretty lame. Sure i jumped on the hate bandwagon when MS announced its original policies, but that still didnt stop me from being bitterly jealous of its lineup and features.

Now that the policies changed I quickly reserved myself an xbox, and i am glad i did. Now ill be able to sell my PS4 and enjoy next gen games.

To say you dont trust MS is bias and fanboyism at its worst. I hate people that root for their home team and ignore their teams own faults, like the two party politics here.

Sony online was down for a month, one sucky month for myself, and my credit cards were compromised, and i wasnt told until a few days after they originally knew. Couple that in with site maintenance and atrocious load time problems that come and go.

Both are mega corporations that dont give a damn about you, other than your wallet.

I am buying a system at launch, to play launch next gen games. Not sit around waiting longer for the hopes of an exclusive to be good.

Xbox is innovating, and to deny that, is to be a blind fanboy. The only difference between the PS3 and PS4 are the graphics and the adaptation of the OUYA model. Sadly that isnt what i have been waiting 8 years for.
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  3. If you think this system is "bad" can you please define "bad" for us.

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