Win8 App Compatibilty Confirmed

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User Info: xmonkeyofevil

4 years ago#41
djruden posted...
Hmmm, let's see: Nintendo Wii does not play DVD's. Nintendo Wii isn't compatible with mp3 players. Nintendo Wii doesn't have cross-game chat. Nintendo Wii only streams sub-HD Netflix.
And then there's the fact that the Nintendo Wii outsold Xbox 360 AND the PS3 handily and is on pace to outsell the great ps2 soon even.

Considering Nintendo is stopping production there's no way it's going to outsell the PS2. And for all the points you mentioned, it still had a web browser, netflix, a weather app, a photo viewer, and a news app. Not the highest of sought after applications but to say it was a pure game is ignorance at ti's best. The last pure gaming console was the Gamecube and the last handheld was the DS Lite. Everything since then, Wii included, has always offered additional functionality. It's just the way the market is nowadays.

User Info: Lefty128k

4 years ago#42
zephirraines posted...
Lefty128k posted...
So it's gonna do what my TV and my computer already do far better, and spy on me too?

But sony losing personal info for consumers was fine right? You clowns get more desperate by the day. This is just an added bonus on the already superior system.

Sony didn't do that intentionally and it's irrelevant in any case.

Getting hacked =/= Spying on your customers.

MS is doing the spycam thing intentionally, so the jokes on you.
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