How do you change your email associated with your gamertag?

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User Info: DillMan926

3 years ago#1
I have already gone through all the info online and Microsoft's support, and nothing seems to work.

Basically I have an old hotmail email tied to my gametag, which I only used in the first place because it was the only thing I could use as gmail was not a supported domain to use with xbox. I signed up for a Microsoft account with my actual gmail email, and went to sign up for xbox and it assigned a random gamertag to the account, so I could not switch my gamertag to the new account because it already assigned that random gamertag to it. Apparently you are not supposed to sign in to xbox after making the account otherwise it will assign a random gamertag. Ok so now I know this part. So I deleted the account so I could remake it and not sign up for xbox, and now it is saying I can't sign up with that email.

I realize this is not really a support forum, but I am just beyond irritated at this point and have no idea what to do. Why does Microsoft make it so damn hard to just change the email on my account? Am I just supposed to use my expired hotmail email (that I have not used in 10 years) for the end of time?

I was trying to get this sorted out before the Xbox One came out ....
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User Info: Coordinates

3 years ago#2
You can't. Your e-mail is attached forever with your Gamertag. Eternal love.

User Info: Hucast9

3 years ago#3
Welcome to hell tc, because it's a bit a bit of a pain to use that e-mail address now. First of all, you need to know the e-mail address and password associated with the gamertag. Once you know that you can go to to change it or you can change it through the Xbox 360 itself.

If you do not know the password, then you will need to talk to a customer service rep at 1800-4my-xbox. Tell them that the e-mail address can not be accessed anymore, and they will send you a new password to an e-mail that you can access. Howeever, once this is done I think you need to wait 30 days in order to actually change it.

The problem is that if the e-mail address that you want to use is already tied to a Gamertag, then you need to move that Gamertag to another e-mail first in order to free it up. Once the e-mail address is free (or if it is already free of any Gamertag to being with) you can use it.

User Info: kingekinge

3 years ago#4
Sign into the gamertag on the Xbox and under I think account management, go to changed associated Microsoft account.

You can also do it on the computer signing in and going to and changing the alias to another email and deleting the original one.

User Info: Hucast9

3 years ago#5

Basically, to make things a little more clear just do this:

step 1: Make a throw away e-mail address. This is just for moving purposes.

step 2: Call Microsft at that number and tell them that you can't access the hotmail e-mail anymore. Tell them that you need a new password sent to a working e-mail address. Now you have a new password for the hotmail e-mail sent to a working e-mail address.

step 3: Move the random gamertag to the throw away e-mail address. Assuming that you have accesss to this right now (email and password) I think that you can do this immediately.

step 4: Get into the account with the hotmail email with your new password, and select that you want to change the e-mail associated with the account. You will need to wait 30 days.

step 5: Since you moved the random gamertag to the throw away e-mail address, that e-mail address is now free to use. After 30 days you can log into the account with the hotmail email and change it to the e-mail that had the random gamertag.
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