The DLC rant - **** better change this coming generation

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User Info: squidney2k1

3 years ago#1
For every game that does it right, there are 4 that do it wrong and make DLC as a whole still quite a freakin' rip-off.

1. DLC should be discounted just like the games. No reason we should have to pay $10 for the same map pack that's been out for 2 years.
2. All of this $5 for "a new outfit" or hat color crap needs to stop. It seems like the industry was getting it together but the last year has seen the worse offenders since Horse Armor
3. All "day 1," Collector's Edition, Special Addition, etc. etc. DLC should be available for free after a certain amount of time (1 year max).
4. More 3rd party DLC promotions like Dr. Pepper cap codes or 7-Eleven codes, instead of stupid exclusive content depending on what store you went to.
5. Less of this "season pass" crap. Why give an extra $20-$30 for future DLC when there's no solid indication that your mediocre game will even hold up that long with gamers? COD Season Pass? Yes. Borderlands 2 Season Pass? Absolutely. Saints Row Season pass? Ehhhmm, no. Ace Combat Season Pass? WTF?!!!!
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User Info: Theonerayman

3 years ago#2
I dont think im the only one who is going to say that I see exactly none of these things changing.
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User Info: Porunga

3 years ago#3
None of that will stop.. in fact, I see it all getting worse. Good times.

User Info: SunDevil77

3 years ago#4
It won't change
Just be happy that Online Passes are gone.
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User Info: Dev445

3 years ago#5
If anything its going to get worst. Its pretty simple though don't like it don't but it.
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User Info: Alexanaxela

3 years ago#6
solution: stop buying it
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User Info: Foxx3k

3 years ago#7
Your demands are pretty hilarious.
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User Info: mike468

3 years ago#8
Porunga posted...
None of that will stop.. in fact, I see it all getting worse. Good times.

Yeah, same here.

Developers have said that with the new systems, it allows them to actually plug the extra content in rather than planning and using an unlock key. With current gen systems, the right infrastructure wasn't in place for companys to really plug whole new content into a game, so you saw stuff like the unlock keys like Capcom used.

Now they are saying with the new console, developers can intentionally hold the content back and plug it in, so that it doesn't look suspicious. Look at what Forza 5 is doing, there basically shipping half the game and letting you download the rest on Day 1. It's not content that is being locked away on the disk, but just wasn't finished when they needed to start pressing the games.

I mean it can be good in a way, to allow a developer to get a game to market sooner, and plug in the content on day 1 free of charge like Forza is doing, but I think too many companies like Capcom are going to use it as a way to truly mask what content is actually finished when a game ships and what content is intentionally being held back.

Right now it's easy to tell because the file of an unlock key is only a few hundred kb, but actual content in much bigger..
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User Info: Lythiris

3 years ago#9
Can't wait for: season passes to be divided into multiple parts. Season pass 1, 2, 3, and 4. Or, preorder the season pass deluxe, granting all numbered season (season pass A, B, C content not included) pass content at slightly lower than piecemeal. Day 0 dlc, standalone dlc created to judge appetite for a product before actual releasing. Not to be confused with paid demos. Also paid demos.
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User Info: whitelytning

3 years ago#10
Its not going to change for the better until we the gamers get smarter. Waiting in line on release night to break sales records for games that are trash but marketed well or purchasing high amounts of DLC will only make it worse.
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