Any games you weren't hyped for but you're now excited for?

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User Info: zerooo0

3 years ago#1
Sorry if Topic Title sounds off, tired and couldn't think of a way to properly word it.

For me it was ACIV & Ryse. ACIV mainly because of the effective marketing that Ubisoft has done for it. I had 0 interest in this game, but Ubisoft marketed it so well that maybe, just maybe, it can be better than AC3. I literally had 0 interest in this game, I was anticipating it as much as I'm anticipating Ghosts which is none at all.(No insult to CoD:Ghosts I just don't have any interest in it) Ubisoft has effectively made me excited for it.
Starwars Battlefront+Destiny+Titanfall+Battlefield 4+Halo 5=Me in FPS heaven for these next few years.

User Info: Bikes-

3 years ago#2 really shouldn't ever want a game solely on the marketing, unless by which you mean good looking game footage. That being said, I've warmed up a bit to DR3 since it's launch (not going to buy it but still) the initial launch trailer was bad in every possible way, but it does seem like the soul of the series is still there.
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User Info: Cowboy082288

3 years ago#3
Probably KI. When I first heard about it I dismissed it fast because well 360 d pad is garbage, but some early stuff out there says X1 controller fixed this. Also the series was a dead fighting series, so seemed like just another 'hey fighting games are popular again, lets get in on that' kinda thing. My mind changed after seeing game play footage and seeing some of the more well know people in the fighting community say it has potential. Apparently the devs have let some of the well known fight genre players take early stabs at the game and give their feedback.
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User Info: slyman19

3 years ago#4
Ryse and DR3. Both went from maybe to Day One.

User Info: squidney2k1

3 years ago#5
Ryse is starting to look pretty good. I was worried that it would be an overly simplistic game that was mainly a tech-demo, but the combat actually seems to be very deep and I like what I've seen from the Gladiator gameplay.

I would still like to know how the campaign will vary, but overall the game seems to have some depth.
Xbox One games looked more impressive...but I wish they were on the PS4. **** you Microsoft! \m/ (O_o) \m/

User Info: Millertime660

3 years ago#6
Ryse because of the story trailer and a few interviews Ive read. I am also getting hyped for AC 4 now. Ill admit its mainly due to the lack of Watch Dogs, but its been a while since ive played an AC game.

User Info: josuna123

3 years ago#7
I wasn't interested in Ryse, then I got to play it and OMG I MUST SAY...

I'm still not interested.

User Info: userfrigginame

3 years ago#8
Nah, the hype has died down for every game for me. I've busied myself with other things since the time between announcements and release dates is so far away from each other. It's hard to stay hyped for so many months.

User Info: Excal1bur

3 years ago#9
Ryse was a game i probably was never going to buy even at 10 or 15$ a year or 2 after release. It has steadily made its way back into wanting to play it and now since my paid off watch dogs got delayed i switched the preorder over to Ryse. I don't know if I'm excited for it, but I'm some what looking forward to playing it. It actually really disappointed me that it was not at the Xbox one truck thing.

User Info: MrSpaM111

3 years ago#10
Buying anything based on PR buzz and marketing = Stupid

Like Rise Of The Robots all over again
"Exactly correct TC..."
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