Titanfall Goes Big With $250 Collector's Edition On March 11 Release Date

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User Info: DelRowe

3 years ago#31
Descedent1 posted...
it's just $250

Yea.... but for one game that insane. I don't think anyone is jealous that you preordered it. Most people just don' see where the value is. Since you mentioned you love statues, you saw value in it, but most people don't and it doesn't mean they are jealous.
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User Info: Descedent1

3 years ago#32
the game is only $60 of that $250. Yall gotta remember these statues aren't cheap. Haven't you seen the $250 skyrim and halo figures? they don't even include the game but are awesome.

again you just have to like figures/statues and like to have them with the space to showcase them. Ya know, collectors?

User Info: Sniper_Brosef

3 years ago#33
AzaneAzer posted...
Sniper_Brosef posted...
kingofjamaica posted...
That's a ridiculous amount of money EA is spending on a completely untested franchise.

That currently has an ass load of buzz behind it. Seriously, why do anonymous posters always question the business decisions of extremely succesful companies. Newsflash: They know more than you about their product and their market.

Because we've seen things like the Tomb Raider Fiasco, where they broke franchise selling records, lost money from overbudgetting and publicly blamed fans for it (not EA of course, but a lot of people questioned that, and were correct)

Sorry but this means jack s*** because there's always someone questioning the decisions of these companies. In short, if you throw enough s*** at the wall you're bound to get some of it to stick.
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User Info: 181stCommander

3 years ago#34
Who's gonna pay that for a X1 game that doesn't even have a story mode?
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User Info: 656stooge

3 years ago#35
Finally, a decent collector's edition.

Personally, I think collector's editions should be expensive and only have limited appeal. When did it become the norm for every gamer to want a collector's edition for every game? They're meant to be actual collectables. Not just a tin case with $10 worth of DLC for $20 extra.
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