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User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

4 years ago#1
Do you think any of the Xbox One Exclusives has a chance of topping Bioshock Infinite, The Last of US, or GTA V and being the GOTY for 2013?
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User Info: TheM00d

4 years ago#2
Not chance that any next gen game will take GOTY anywhere this year.
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User Info: Sazerfan

4 years ago#3
TheM00d posted...
Not chance that any next gen game will take GOTY anywhere this year.

This, basically. Heck, I think even Pokemon will trample over all of the next gen games.

User Info: snowboard340

4 years ago#4
Titanfall may take it next year by a lot of companies, but Bioshock Infinite and GTA V are probably not going to be beat this year.

User Info: Foppe

4 years ago#5
They will probably win a few subcategories, like best graphics.
But as a full GOTY?
Maybe GameTrailers will make the nextgen CoD win instead of currentgen CoD.
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User Info: streamjumper

4 years ago#6
In general, I don't really expect a GOTY from the first or second year of a new gen if we're still getting games from the last gen system. Usually that requires experience with the system as well as a fair degree of work on the game... something you usually don't find early on.
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User Info: MrSpaM111

4 years ago#7
LOL, you joker you
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#8
In a year with TLOU, BS: Infinite, GTA V, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Pikmin 3, and Animal Crossing? Nah.

Now, Battlefield 4, AC4, Killzone, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and Forza have a good chance at subcategories
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