Why no MS wheel or MS headset?

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User Info: Crib_Lizard

4 years ago#1
It seems to me that with a brand new console, MS would have their own wheel for Forza 5 AND a pro style gaming headset ready to go at launch.

At least have an affordable wheel bundled with Forza 5. I cancelled my pre order for this because of this. After playing the heck out of Forza 4 with the old MS wheel hooked up to the Playseat, I cant go back to the controller for a driving game.

All of the 3rd party guys have to wait to release their headsets sometime early next year because of the adapter issue working in conjunction with the controller. Why couldn't they have all this stuff lined up ready to go at launch?
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User Info: BadLuckInc

4 years ago#2
And PS4 has any of this right now? So you pretty much aren't getting any console at launch so don't worry about it =)
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User Info: Troll_Directory

4 years ago#3
my lady said she likes the thrustmaster: http://youtube.com/watch?v=wT_CVUjQXjA
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