I don't know what people see in DR series, especially for DR3.

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User Info: Foxx3k

3 years ago#31
Dead Rising 1 was pretty fun. It was unlike a lot of what came before.

Dead Rising 2 failed to further develop the fundamental game mechanics and suffered.

Dead Rising 3 appears to retread on the failure of Dead Rising 2.
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User Info: Ch3wy

3 years ago#32
ImThe8thWonder posted...

First and foremost, let me start by saying that you have made a huge mistake by even taking the guideline word-for-word. I gave EXAMPLES on what would count, I never said all of them apply perfectly to PS4 vs XB1 debates. People should cherry-pick what works. But regardless, let's take a look and what you've argued.

And I'm saying pretty much none apply as far as objectivity is concerned. They're bad examples of objective arguments. But I'm sorry for thinking you were being serious I guess?

This is a flawed defense and you know it. The components within the XB1 and PS4 can either be bought, or imitated by similar parts. How is it that we wouldn't have a good idea of the performance? We know what their components are and we know what those components are capable of. We don't have exact units but that does not mean we don't have references to understand the potential given. We don't need a specific unit of measurement, for example, to know that a $4000 dollar gaming PC is most likely going to be a lot stronger than an NES. I really don't see where you're going with this one.

No, it's not flawed. You'd have a point if the differences were between an NES and a $4000 gaming PC, but it's not. It's two machines in the same league running different code. You can't say one is going to definitely perform better.

- Development ease (the issue with the PS3).
Obviously no unit of measurement here.

Again, like I said, I gave examples. I never said all of them are relevant to the PS4 vs XB1 debates. But, like with the point above, non-specific units of measurement =/= 0 understanding of what the hardware can do and if it is easy to develop for. But if that's not enough, just listen to the many developers who claim that the PC-like architecture in next gen consoles is very easy to work with.

Yes, it's just an example. A bad example. One that can't really be argued objectively.

Why do you keep saying that some of them aren't relevant to the debates? Why would you even post them?

That'll probably be worth a debate or two in itself. As you can see, I'm not proving which console is what in this topic. People can argue which turns out to be best on their own.

If you're staying objective it isn't worth ****. It's all a matter of opinion, people like some features and don't care about others.

People argue among themselves which deals are best. Also, majority opinion is worth its weight in proving facts where evidence can't be used. Why is it that the color blue is the same color to most people? Because we all agreed that what we see is blue, but it can't be proven using evidence/measurements.

Sure they argue, but their arguments have nothing to do with objectivity. It's a matter of opinion.

Blue is blue because blue is the word that we use to describe light with a wavelength of 450–495 nm. It's measurable.
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User Info: teehee23

3 years ago#33
Foxx3k posted...
Dead Rising 1 was pretty fun. It was unlike a lot of what came before.

Dead Rising 2 failed to further develop the fundamental game mechanics and suffered.

Dead Rising 3 appears to retread on the failure of Dead Rising 2.

PS3 user reviews enjoyed DR2 and Off the Record just like 360 users did.
Dead Rising 3 improves the game in every way and is the bestest launch game any console could hope for. It's easy to pick up and play, it's fun, it has multiplayer, it can be scary or hilarious.

Dead Rising 3 is going to be the mostest fun and sell like the hot-cakes with real butter and extra syrup.

And that nice!
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User Info: Sniper_Brosef

3 years ago#34
ImThe8thWonder posted...
Sniper_Brosef posted...
No, it's not hard to follow. It's f***ing stupid to begin with. Your argument is that the only thing that should be taken into consideration is the hardware and that games don't matter...

...What you need to understand is that opinions DO matter. They matter to those who hold the opinions.

ImThe8thWonder posted...
REMINDER: Liking these things is not wrong, obviously. You can want an XB1 or PS4 strictly for those subjective reasons. What I am saying is that they shouldn't be used to prove superiority.

Gee, I wonder how you missed that section of my topic with the word "reminder" bolded. You obviously have 0 idea what I am saying. Never have I once said that opinions are worth nothing. That would be illogical. They don't, however, prove points in debates. You can't argue that car A is better than car B because you prefer car A's color. Seeing as how people spend the majority of their time arguing about which console is best around here, they might as well should stop using subjective variables to make their points.

First, your analogy is terrible.

Second, you still don't get it do you? There is no way to prove any of this s*** because it's all f***ing subjective. The only thing you can prove is what system is more powerful and we've beaten that horse to death, bribed Hades, and beat it to death again. However, this is completely futile seeing as more powerful doesn't mean better. For about the 1000th time today, consoles are defined by games, features and the experiences they offer, which is why they are all constantly brought up in arguments. Are they subjective? Of course! They're also the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. What this topic should be is a plea to stop f***ing arguing consoles rather than how to argue "objectively" as that gets us nowhere.

Third, grow the f*** up. The amount of pointless drivel on this board is staggeringly pathetic and you're doing nothing with your posts but contribute to it.
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User Info: MetalZoic

3 years ago#35
Ch3wy posted...
wtf is this?

You should feel bad about this topic. This isn't a competition. And if it was, someone with a bias shouldn't be setting the rules.

I'm thinking the TC is possibly autistic. You shouldn't make fun of him.

User Info: FinzFan4life

3 years ago#36
How do you go off topic on a topic you created in the initial post?
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User Info: FriedLemon

3 years ago#37
I can see where the TC is going with this, you see so many people claim "X1 launch bettarz than PS4 yarrrrrr!".

Well sure, more power to you, but the thing is these people then attack people who claim they prefer Killzone over DR3 and start an argument over which is better, which, quite frankly, is moronic as it's an opinion and is subjective.

User Info: DesperateMonkey

3 years ago#38
Someone is trying REAL hard for the "Most Confused Troll Ever" reward..

I have no idea why this guy thinks he should have made a SECOND topic on the same issue. Basically, I humiliated him in a topic where he was contradicting himself left and right. He then made a topic about what he defines as "objective" measurements (no Kinect, no extra features can be counted, no OS features can be counted, etc because HE did not care for them, LOL! OBJECTIVE!). Of course it just ended up a topic where everyone was poking holes in his logic and telling him he was pathetic much like right now. Now a few weeks has passed and he decides to "revamp" his argument to be more 'comprehensive', thinking that it makes anymore sense now than before?

This is the joker who says Kinect is not popular enough to be an advantage but Gaikai is...
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User Info: Jiggy101011

3 years ago#39
Foxx3k posted...
Dead Rising 1 was pretty fun. It was unlike a lot of what came before.

Dead Rising 2 failed to further develop the fundamental game mechanics and suffered.

Dead Rising 3 appears to retread on the failure of Dead Rising 2.

We arent talking about Dead Rising in this topic.... I dont think.
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User Info: Teremei

3 years ago#40
Hmmm, isn't it kind of peculiar that the TC just happens to think certain aspects that seem very xbox oney are negative or not very beneficial and other aspects that some very ps4y to be a positive factor.


- Games, particularly exclusives. - XBOX ONE
- The feel of either controller (unless majority preference). - XBOX ONE
- Non-essential features, such as TV integration (etc etc). - XBOX ONE
- Non-essential peripherals. - KINNECT
- Extra strategies of profit (advertisements, etc). - XBOX ONE
- Time exclusivity of games, DLC, etc. - XBOX ONE


- Hardware performance potential. - PS4
- Development ease (the issue with the PS3). - TIE?
- Restrictions, or lack thereof (how much is offered without paywalls). - HMM, WONDER WHERE. .
- Service/console bonuses (free offerings or deals on store content). - BOTH
- Price. - PS4
- Reliability. - I WONDER . . .
- Certain specific, inarguable benefits (such as online servers). <-----*difficult to find*
- Starter package (what comes with the console out of the box, and what you might need to buy afterwards - - only relevant with peripherals/accessories deemed useful to the majority).
- Game quality on a specific console vs another (permanent variables, such as graphics - - time exclusivity shouldn't count). - HMM I WONDER IF I HEARD ANY PS4 is 50% MORE . . .
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