ForZa goes For-K (4k)

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User Info: chrish909

4 years ago#31
benjimain posted...
LOL if you believe this game will achieve that actually running on Xbox One hardware. It will barely make 720p.

Lol, you know nothing
This is why I'm never going to get a ps4

User Info: Omegachaos92

4 years ago#32
This looks stunning, can't wait to have a go with it in less then a month! (obviously on a much worse non-4k tv though lol)
GT : MoCiWe
JUS FC- 5369-6580-7874

User Info: BudWisenheimer

4 years ago#33
GuitaristMatt posted...
BudWisenheimer posted...
GuitaristMatt posted...
that's clearly upscaled 1080p

Right. But is it the Xbone's 4k upscaler or the LG's? If it's the LG's then that's good for PS4 games too.

They probably both work the same way honestly.

On Forza 1080p, racing games are low resource. To think that Forza wouldn't make it to 1080p is completely blind fanboyism.
You say that but here I am wishing that 1080p NFS and Driveclub were 60fps like Forza. Although I trust the Project Gotham guys to know what they are doing with 30fps. So maybe Driveclub will benefit from their expertise.
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