If MS changed the XB1 Controller

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User Info: MK_God

4 years ago#11
Foxx3k posted...
I'd rather just have a wired controller.

User Info: BudWisenheimer

4 years ago#12
BraxSimeon posted...
Shura_Surplice posted...
jsplisim posted...
Complain that I would have no controller complaints.

Really!? People would prefer this? What advantage does a fixed rechargeable battery have over replaceable? I hate having to deal with "plugging in" the PS3 controllers. I'd MUCH rather be able to grab a battery pack or a couple AAs then have to make sure the controller is charged before I can untether the thing. An extra battery is way cheaper than an extra controller...

Oh thank goodness I understood this. You're speaking my language. Or close enough. Alkaline batteries are so cheap now. And they still work in so many other devices sans trashcans. Actually I have a battery-powered motion-sensor trashcan in my bathroom. So scratch that. They work all kinds of places. Like good little ninjas. Just dispose of them properly and all is well.

User Info: Millertime660

4 years ago#13
What If i buy a dual shock 4 controller and It doesnt come with a cable......
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