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User Info: BraxSimeon

3 years ago#1
Which system will do a better job of exceeding the current expectations people have for it?
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User Info: BoomerHelll

3 years ago#2
ps4 obviously. once they realize there system can play games instead of not being an Xbox they will be stoked!

User Info: khardbored

3 years ago#3
It's hard to say. I really think that developers will start coming up with some ingenious ways to utilize Kinect 2.0. I honestly believe that the Kinect will do a better job of exceeding expectations of customers.
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User Info: Newmoon

3 years ago#4
Xbox One, sadly the Internet expectations are so low that it would be nearly impossible not to exceed the current expectations
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User Info: Foppe

3 years ago#5
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User Info: Djnardu

3 years ago#6
Its hard to say

One could say that Sony has really not over hyped the features of the PS4. Actually they have been a bit quite surrounding the UI and social functions. We know some things it will do but not really how it works.

On the other hand MS has been pushing the connected home theater since day one. If these features dont work in the capacity MS touted or if it just doesnt work it will be a huge blow to the focus of the system.

I think PS4 has more room to surprise on how it works and exceed expectations.

MS has already put expectations pretty high so its gonna require more to meet those standards and shoot above them.
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

3 years ago#7
This is really easy... one console has really high expectations and one has really low expectations.

PS4 has way too much pressure to beat the X1 in the games department right now without the funding to do it. You can say "long run" but if it takes more than 3-4 years to catch up to MS, thats not reasonable.

Meanwhile, Kinect has pretty much no expectations while Cloud has been bashed to hell even though we have no idea what it will do so those things will seem amazing even if they just do something small.
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User Info: maizemaize

3 years ago#8
I think exclusive titles and low cost-to-specs ratio make Wii U as most sellable console.
Followed closely by PS4 due to high specs and strong 3rd party support.
Xbox one is third due to high initial cost and monitoring issues.
IF BY SOME MIRACLE Xbox one reduces its price and rallies 3rd parties, then it will beat PS4, but be below Wii U.

User Info: DesperateMonkey

3 years ago#9
I don't get the third party support argument. Whether its harder to develop (and its not hard compared to older consoles), the hardware isn't going to make people want to halve their userbase.

The spying thing is pretty much a non-issue. Even if the spying thing was true, it would still make almost no difference. But at the moment, Xbox One says it doesn't have any kind of infrastructure to even store such kinds of Data back from the Kinect. If people think that this will be a factor then they will be even more surprised when no one cares after the console releases.

Its precisely this kind of stuff that makes PS4 have to live up to the made up hype created by over enthusiastic fans.
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User Info: Rybal

3 years ago#10
Except that most of the PS4 fans (not the trolls - the actual fans) have pretty reasonable expectations. The Day 1 update, even without being able to suspend games into a low-power state, won't faze most of them because they know it's coming. The delayed games also don't faze them much because they understand that this type of thing happens and only one exclusive was delayed. Sure, Watch Dogs looked like it was going to be the best launch title, but most are fairly accepting of the delay. The actual PS4 fans aren't even bothered by the fact that people want the X1 - most of them want the X1 to do well (just not as well as the PS4) because competition makes for a stronger console cycle.

Sure, there are trolls (of each system) that freak out over every piece of news, especially negative news against their "rival's" system, but there are really only about a dozen of each on this site. They just happen to be very loud and obnoxious.

In answer to the original question, I think that both systems have set themselves up to do well. As far as exceeding expectations, I think that the X1 has a greater potential to do so IF they can manage to use the Kinect well. The Wii U can once they start getting more than one game worth purchasing per 6-9 months. For some, though, the PS4 has the greatest potential to exceed expectations because they seem to be under the impression that "the PS4 has no games".

In the end, it all comes down to what an individual's expectations are. If they are reasonable and understand that everything will not likely be 100% perfect at launch, but will nevertheless be fun and subject to improve, then expectations will be met.

Game on!
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