Genuine worry

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User Info: cosmicstarfish1

3 years ago#3
I thought that was a rumor
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User Info: MacDaMurderer

3 years ago#4
Mountain of text Oh God it's an avalanche whoaaaaaa!
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User Info: gideon2086

3 years ago#5
Brb getting my kindle to read this book on
Hi I'm Bob.

User Info: SunDevil77

3 years ago#6
Always include a tldr summary
Uh, yes, sir. They're driving an '84... Sheepdog.
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User Info: BloodyDove2vs

3 years ago#7
Perhaps I should have called Orville Redenbacher first. -.-
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User Info: BeefEaster

3 years ago#8
holy crap

you must have a lot of time on your hands to type out something that will likely be ignored by almost everyone
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User Info: nableet

3 years ago#9
Cancel your preorder.

Seriously, there is no great incentive to preorder either console. Wait until Jan (or beyond) and then make an informed decision. All the rumors will be dealt with, and you will know which friend went where and be happy.
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User Info: Excal1bur

3 years ago#10
Giant wall of troll topic
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