Lol at ps4 fanboys and xbox one haters

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User Info: Skynet82997

3 years ago#41
SubSeenix posted...
jasonkingmark posted...

Long live xbox one. At least M$ was upfront about everythin before hand.


Smart people ; doesn't look even close to NATIVE 1080p...are you lying Microsoft?

Microsoft ;
Yeah we kinda are - But what do people on our console know about gaming?
Most of our people play CoD and those aren't even gamers as Infinity Ward said.
So they still try to justify 720p Killer Instinct and 900p Ryse and a lot of other games that aren't NextGen worthy xDDDD
But upscaling is nearly as good as NATIVE 1080p PS4 Games everywhere you can look at...BELIEVE US STUPID MICROSOFT FANS!!!

Strawman argument.

Nice attempt at misdirection.
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User Info: streamjumper

3 years ago#42
SavageTrooper posted...
Wow, you Xbox Fanboys get all jolly about any kind if news that you can twist into negative news about the PS4 don't you? Sony has already stated they are doing this incase retailers break the street date. While i don't agree with Sony doing this, at least the console can still be used offline when it comes to playing games. The Xbox One cannot do anything until it's updated.

This update is mostly for the online/PSN stuff which most likely won't be online until the PS4 launches anyway.

Do you have a link to this reason of theirs? It'd be interesting to see.

Because if it is true, then it means that the Microsoft update is to remove unwanted features but the Sony update is to deliberately put in features they left out because inconveniencing consumers is secondary when it comes to stopping people breaking street dates. Which would arguably make them just as anti-customer as Microsoft.

Unless, of course, this is just Sony spin for "let us remove the same stuff we told you we didn't have because you got mad at Microsof-- er, Micro$oft for trying".
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User Info: Thewinner14

3 years ago#43
Combo626 posted...
STE573 posted...
lilj812 posted...
Can the PS4 plays games out of the box?
Can the Xbox One play games out of the box?


I'm gonna go ahead and say no to both questions.
If you don't patch in Blu-Ray how do you play the PS4 games? Don't say digital either because you need to be connected to the internet for that which is going to automatically update your system.

The Wii played DVD games without having DVD video playback enabled. It is possible for the ps4 to play games out of the box but not movies. Everyone will find out if thats the case when it's released
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User Info: stevieb1234567

3 years ago#44
Wtf is the big deal about a patch who gives a s**t its better then no patch. R we really talking about patches now wow
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User Info: JohnHalo343

3 years ago#45
I have been saying that the Sony Fanboys are liars and thieves since day one. They are also totally unethical and show no regard for moral values.

Remember that vicious Sony Rep that ruthlessly exploited the disabled guy like a predator? That is what you have to expect from them.
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User Info: EastCoastKody

3 years ago#46
specialed1583 posted...
They patched the blu-ray and dvd player function in! What makes you so sure they won't do a 180 and patch them out later?!

hah. i don't need to read anymore of this thread

User Info: stevieb1234567

3 years ago#47
O and also all this fighting and console wars is basiclly to c who has a bigger d**k then the other
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User Info: Pinoy441

3 years ago#48
You people do realize that the majority of Xbox One Haters are people who have only owned 360's and original xbox's on launch who looked at this "console" and laughed right?

You can change policies as many times as you wish, you can't change the first impressions that you give out and that was MS will screw over gamers either now or later.
*grabs popcorn*

User Info: Staveharris404

3 years ago#49

You can still play offline, if you are going online then that patch is nothing. As for watching movies I am not spending 400-500 to watch films, I have a blu-ray player for that.

The difference between the xbox and playstation is you cant even play offline without patch.

User Info: Zezrs

3 years ago#50
Are we allowed to hate the Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U equally because they are all garbage?
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