if you don't want the kinect

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User Info: TreGooda

3 years ago#11
Killah Priest posted...
Why? Because ignorant people think they Kinect will spy on them so they bash it and won't get the X1, but being on the internet this very second or having a cellphone on you most hours of the day is any better for your security?

you have no idea what you are talking about and are spouting something you heard someone else say.

"Get a life! What? I'm a gamer, I have tons of lives."

User Info: whitelytning

3 years ago#12
TreGooda posted...
I blame the moderators. They have allowed this board to be the playground for children that like to troll.


User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

3 years ago#13
Hidan623 posted...
Then just buy the ps4 and stop complaining about the price of the xbox one!

No one has a problem paying $600 for a new ipod or iphone every 6 months which has a built in camera, Ohhh danggg iphone has a camera so now i won't buy one cuz their forcing a camera on me curse you apple........

pointless complaining get the system you want and be done with it!

$600 for a phone is fairly cheap considering you pay $100 a month just to use it.
Best Windows ever, Windows 8.1!

User Info: SilentS89

3 years ago#14
Apple Is worse than Microsoft. You can't justify Microsoft by citing apple.

User Info: beerhammer1

3 years ago#15
What pisses me off about the camera ISN'T that it's forced upon us because it will then have a large installed user base and developers will be forced to utilize it in games- it's forced upon us so Microsft can harvest our data and sell it to "customize" our advertisements............ seriously people, at some point enough has to be enough!! I have zero interest in motion controls and would much rather press a button on my controller to reload than wave my arm or something, that's not "revolutionary" that's just lame.
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