Day ONE Update Has Nothing To Do With DRM?

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User Info: Iminyourcloset

3 years ago#41
TheDarkNerd posted...
From: Iminyourcloset | #038
^ You just included your one-line comment in the massive text block you quoted.

Oh, there's several responses, he just didn't tag them in such a way to distinguish them from the original post.

Oh, are there?

That's, uh....yeah.
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User Info: Shik_stick

3 years ago#42
chrish909 posted...
Shik_stick posted...
chrish909 posted...
Tc ps4 is bombing it has no games and no hype. Get over it. I dont see why you are so concerned with other people buying x1. Ps4 is for kiddys that only want to play games and thats it, x1 is for everyone else. Enjoy your killzone lmao.

Btw this topic reeks of desperation

Lol wow again you amaze me with your blind fanboy ignorance.

No hype, no games and is bombing. If that's what you honestly believe about the PS4 despite being irrefutably proven wrong time and again by myself and others than keep your delusions.

You proved me wrong?, the console didnt release yet theres no way. There is no reason to buy ps4 besides killzone thays why its bombing.

Did I say anything about anyone buying the X1 or me being concerned with? No...I made a simple observation as to why I believe the day one update has quite a kit to do with the DRM and their other reversals. To which nobody has provided a legitimate argument to counter or dissuade my belief in this other than calling me a troll and a pony.

There is no way to prove your theory wrong, common sense dictates there would be huge outrage and a company really cant screw over their consumers like that.

Ps4 is for kiddys you say? Funny, that. Seeing as how the Kinect is directly targeted at a more casual and kiddy crowd...what with games like kinectimals and such being SO adult gamer. And im sorry, but since when is wanting a GAME system for mostly games a bad thing? Not to mention that entire argument point is completely invalid since the PS4 can do mostly the same exact stuff that the X1 can...the exception being the whole cable box thing.

I say ps4 is for kiddys because of the immaturity of the ps4 fanboys.

And see now, because of your bling fanboy ism you have brought out my inner fanboy...ready for this? I WILL enjoy my KZ since I have it preordered along with more people than any of your exclusives combined and seeing as how it runs at native 1080p and 60fps I think I will enjoy it quite a lot.

Killzone is trash

As for the rest of the replies to me, the reason I cannot link to any article is because I am using a tablet and haven't quit figured out how to do Also, apologies for the bit of fanboyism there at the end, I usually don't like to downgrade my intelligence to pettiness like that but when speaking to Chrish, that's kind of the only thing he seems to understand.

Lastly, let me make this clear again to hopefully avoid any future posts of trolling and pony sightings...THIS TOPIC WAS IN NO WAY MADE TO SAY THAT A DAY ONE UPDATE IS GOOD OR BAD FOR EITHER SYSTEM AS IT IS A SIMPLE OBSERVATION. So please, no hypocrisy remarks or ironic statements or insults. This is for discussion, that is all

These 2 last paragraphs prove you are a troll. Why are you even here?


I seem to repeat myself a lot when speaking with you but if you want to argue something that I said, make sure you have an actual point or some kind of objective reasoning behind what you are saying because up to this point you never have. You always use the old " this is true because I say so" and that just don't work, you just end up making a fool of yourself.
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