Will the Xbox One have the Red Ring of Death?

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User Info: ssj5goku2005

3 years ago#11
Everybody says "every console has problems at launch" and that might be true, the X1 may have it's own set of problems...but I doubt it'll have any of the problems the 360 had at launch, as they've been improving the 360 and fixing the problems on that since it's launch...for instance, the newest 360 model doesn't have many, if any, of the problems the 360's first model had
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User Info: yay4pachirisu

3 years ago#12
I would worry about the PS4. It seems fine now, but that's alot of power not to mention the internal power supply it has.
Only time can tell. Won't be able to tell until it's released and then other factors start to kick in (weather climate, humidity, etc..)

I highly doubt the X1 will have heat problems, and if they do, may god help them
the X1 visually is like 50% ventilation

User Info: Styrof0am

3 years ago#13
Both PS4 and XB1 have been built with fail safes to prevent overheating



User Info: Jx1010

3 years ago#14
It seems I'll just forget about this
if it happens it will be drastic for everyone tho

User Info: youngskillz

3 years ago#15
atleast the ps4 looks like kitt when it overheats.
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User Info: BiggyDX

3 years ago#16
Considering how much larger the console is compared to its predecessor (in addition to the power supply being external), it better not have any issues with heating. I know from the design it has two vents on the side and a small one on the back. The PS4 only has the ones on the back. They [Sony] might have a very reliable cooling system though.
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User Info: Dev0311

3 years ago#17
The console box is huge and also has a power brick. It also features watching TV with it. It better not overheat.
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