What is Smartglass like, is it a good feature?

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User Info: DillMan926

3 years ago#1
I have had a 360 since day 1, but never got around to using Smartglass. I have looked up some info on it, but never spoken with anyone that has actually used it. The only extra gaming aspect I have seen so far on Xbox One is the Dead Rising 3 extra missions. Otherwise you can control the system or your tv or whatever with your tablet or smartphone.

So in general do people like it? Do they use it a lot? Is it getting better with Xbox One?

I am debating getting an Ipad Air, my 1st gen Ipad is terrible and just crashes infinitely, so if Smartglass is worth it I am guessing I will probably get the new Air in a few days, or will add to my decision anyway.

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User Info: Foxx3k

3 years ago#2
IT's a good idea but needs better implementation.
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User Info: amanz1

3 years ago#3
The only time I use it is when I'm watching netflix and I need to charge my controller.
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