X1/PS4 launch rumors

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User Info: segagamer

3 years ago#1
Not good...but still kinda rumors


Summary: Disclaimer, could be all not true

unfinished online infrastructure is months away from being finished.

COD Ghosts is 1080p native on Wii U, and 720p on other systems

That's also really why Watch dogs is delayed, along with the Crew and Driveclub

Sony was going to do DRM like Xbox one (which we already knew)
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User Info: supermoc10

3 years ago#2
Do you really feel like there are enough chances of it being true to warrant a new thread? Because if you did, you're an idiot. I'll just copy/paste what I said on the other threads about this stupid video.

CoD Resolution Rumor: He claims that there are network problems preventing the game from running at a native 1080p resolution on PS4. If you honestly believe that, you are a f***ing idiot. Why? Because there is absolutely no link between resolution and network performance. If there was, I'd get less lag by playing in 480p. Also, what resolution would the single-player campaign run at? Finally, both Adam Boyes (Sony exec) and Scott Lowe (IGN Tech editor that was invited to IW for an exclusive series of previews on the PS4 version) confirmed that the PS4 version ran at a native 1080p resolution.

Sony DRM: It's pretty obvious that this is BS considering that Sony have confirmed that:
1. You can play single-player games for as long as you want without the update.
2. There would be no way to connect to PSN without downloading the update.
Also, the fact that the PS4 was playable offline was confirmed back in February. Sony just reiterated it at E3 because people were too lazy to do their research and instead said that Sony would be doing the same as Microsoft.

Dead Rising 3 Online: The only online feature that was promised was 2-player co-op. AFAIK, this has not been cut. Hell, they even released pics of what the second character looks like.

And to add to that, why the hell would network issues cause Driveclub to be delayed if Killzone, which is just as online-heavy if not more, can still make launch? Why the hell isn't ACIV delayed if it has a proper multiplayer mode but Watch Dogs is being delayed even though it just has a two-player mode?
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