Xbox One will offer a form of backwards compatiblity with Xbox 360 titles

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User Info: ObligatoryFate

3 years ago#141
beutlich99 posted...
Who cares. I'll play my 360 and games until I'm completely finished with them. Then pick up x1. I will have no desire to go back and play last gen games by then. 360 offered almost no backward compatibility with Xbox and I wasn't wishing for it.
I can't do that. I buy the games I want/like, I play them 'til I've done it all usually (my wife gets excited when I open a new game bc it's different), and I move on to another game; but I will go back and play older games again. I remember the disappointment of buying TimeSplitters 3 and not being able to play it on my 360 after having just boxed up my XBOX 1 (not bone).

User Info: vedoris86

3 years ago#142
AzaneAzer posted...
I cut a hole in a potato and put a cord through it to my TV, my potato is now a form of backwards compatability for every major wired device.

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User Info: lanbladez

3 years ago#143
Yes, this will work excellently with my xbox360 that does not have hdmi port. Sarcastic voice used.

User Info: Veemon_X

3 years ago#144
The passthrough feature is nifty. Its sort of like my Sega Genesis video adaptor thingy where I can hook up the cable tv to pass through still. Sorry for my horribly worded sentence.
Wonderful! Time for a celebration... Cheese for everyone! ~Sheogorath

User Info: GotTruth

3 years ago#145
I CARE about BC because I play a LOT of Fighting Games.

The ONLY launch fighter would be KI. I play to keep playing SS4 a lot with ULTRA coming soon. ALos INJUSTICE, TT2, SFxT, KOF.......

These game will almost never get old for me; I will always find enjoyment in them.

Same for some of my shooters. I still play MW3 as I do not like Black Ops2. I just prefer the weapons/perks/whatever. TO be honest I would still play HAlo2 if the had never unplugged the servers.
You know they call it main-stream? Its because a stream is shallow.
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User Info: Darkpalidin12

3 years ago#146
NerdimusPrime posted...
Darkpalidin12 posted...
NerdimusPrime posted...
Darkpalidin12 posted...
Yeah, let's just ignore the fact that MS themselves are telling people not to use this "feature." Let's ignore that it causes input lag, which in a video game is downright crippling. Let's ignore that this passthrough is explicitly intended for TV broadcasts and nothing else. Let's ignore all of that because it hinders your foolish, stubborn optimism.

Or maybe you could just learn when to accept defeat and quit making a fool of yourself.

I'm sorry, your credibility was lost when I realized your name is after a WWE wrestler.

Says the guy who can't even spell paladin.

I've been a member of this site since I was young and illiterate. Unfortunately I cannot change the correct spelling. My account was made in 2006, before you were born.

if you were illiterate in 2006, you have more problems besides your inability to think logically.

Depending on how old I was your statement makes no sense. What if I was literally too young? Which I was. Obviously you still have some punctuation problems. Always capitalize the first word my friend. Pwnt.
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User Info: Darkpalidin12

3 years ago#147
I appreciate all of the comments. Thank you. I hope maybe this feature will see more positive reaction.
GT: ReturnToHangar PSN: LegendxK1LL3R

User Info: squidney2k1

3 years ago#148
If I have to keep my current console, then it's not backwards compatibility.
Xbox One games looked more impressive...but I wish they were on the PS4. **** you Microsoft! \m/ (O_o) \m/
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