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User Info: carljenk

3 years ago#1
So lets have a civil discussion on this board. Now this topic could be extended to Steam Machine vs all other consoles as well.

Question arises. Did Xbox design their original system just to compete with the Steam Machine?

Will the Steam Machine tank or be the most successful system of all? The games will be very cheap to buy on sale on the Steam Machine.

The sad hard fact is that the Steam Machine will not be criticized for DRM policies (unless unusually harsh), while the Xbox One was crucified. It is also likely that the Steam Machine would not have a camera watching you as well.

These are my random scattered thoughts. What are yours?

User Info: gumbyxcore99

3 years ago#2
lets just see what the steam machine amounts to

User Info: zmouse

3 years ago#3
I find it hard to believe that something you have feed wood/coal every now and then(not to mention the water) would be comparable to the Xbox One.

User Info: TheDarkNerd

3 years ago#4
From: zmouse | #003
I find it hard to believe that something you have feed wood/coal every now and then(not to mention the water) would be comparable to the Xbox One.

Oh my, what a scalding comparison.

User Info: Veemon_X

3 years ago#5
"Did Xbox design their original system just to compete with the Steam Machine?"

Considering that it is the sucessor to the 360, which that and its predecessor have competed against Sony* and the fact that Steam Box hasn't really broke into the market yet, this question never even came across my mind. I think the Steam Machine might be more appealing to PC gamers, although I believe Steam is trying to lure Console gamers.

*Possibly Nintendo? I kind of felt since the 360, Nintendo was kind of shoved aside. I'm a big fan of Nintendo regardless. Offtopic, but Nintendo at least dominates the Handheld market.

I never had a problem with any DRM issues with Steam or the 360. When my old laptop died, I seemed to have no problem with redownloading games and playing them. I can play most of them offline (not sure if all of them because I haven't tried all of them). I personally don't have a problem with not having discs for PC games either. I downloaded my 360 games with no problem onto the replacement 360 I just got. However, I need to do more reading regarding Xbox One, but I thought they reversed a number of their policies because of the overwhelming criticism.

I admit think it'd be amusing if the Steam Machine can actually come into play with the big boys. However, it looks like its going to be pricy and details are kind of sketchy. Potential issues of compatibility, and there's issues of the controls. It'd be ideal to play all the games I bought off of Steam on the Steam Machine, but I am not sure if, permitting that the Steam Machine can play more resource demanding games at eye pleasing performance, they'd be playable with a controller. Steam does have a number of Triple A titles though that I could see playing on the big tv. Actually, considering that my tv has hd output, I guess in a sense, I already have a Steam Machine. lol

For your further reading:

The article is kind enough to end with a message for hope that Valve ends up knowing full well what its doing.
Wonderful! Time for a celebration... Cheese for everyone! ~Sheogorath

User Info: carljenk

3 years ago#6
I suppose the cost of the steam machine will be a sticking point.

User Info: carljenk

3 years ago#7
Nintendo won't ever be out. Worst case scenario they become the Handheld company but people want their home console versions of Zelda and Mario so it's hard to say. Nintendo offers something unique while PS4 and Xbox One compete for the same market.

User Info: Heracylost

3 years ago#8
Honestly I'm not a big fan of steam. I have it, sometimes it has good sales. But I hardly ever buy anything off it. Nothing new for sure.
If it runs just the same as it does on PC I'd rather just build a PC for it.
If the controllers for it are just the pads like the video I viewed, I'm even more not interested. The just touch pad thing for analog sticks is not fun. Played enough on a tablet to know I don't care for it. If there is a mouse and keyboard option then it's alright.

Only thing is Digital vs. Physical. I'm physical copy guy, so I won't be getting one. Already have a good PC so also there's no need.

Steambox is for nonPC savvy people period.

User Info: TerraUniverse

3 years ago#9
Steambox doesn't seem like an actual console. It's more like a pre-built PC.

Part of the reason why people like consoles, is because they have physical discs and because there's a consistent hardware that is used in a system. The Steambox will have a variety of upgradeable parts, which means developers will have a harder time making things compatible, especially if developers want to use more and more advanced games, which means Steamboxes with lower specifications will have to use newer parts, I guess.

Steambox is a PC and it might appeal to PC users, if they want something on a TV, but if you're on a PC, why limit yourself to a Steambox? Also, why not just have a PC, that can also play non-Steam PC games?

What is kind of neat, is the Steambox touchpad controller. That seemed kind of cool, and maybe Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Wii U can come up with similar controls so that RTS and more complex RPG's can be played more easily on consoles, maybe even a game like SimCity.
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