Mabye my Final Generation

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User Info: whatnow12012

4 years ago#1
Hard to believe I been gaming since 1982, harder to believe this could be my final Generation of gaming. Let me explain why. I live in what people would call a DEAD-ZONE, being only in a 56k Dial Up or Dial Up Phones, being isolated & cut off doesnt leave me any kind of ONLINE OPTIONS.

So cause of my location I maybe forced to quite gaming after Current Gen ends its run either in 2015/16. But thankfully they are still some good games coming down the road on current. Dont get me wrong people I love both the PS4 & also the X1 but I cant do the X1 cause of my Location being a DEAD-ZONE.

Money isnt the Issue, for me it is my LOCATION, being in a Dead-Zone forces me to possible to end gaming this Generation. Until things change anyways or somehow I get Highspeed or WiFi in my area, which probably will never happen cause I am so far Isolated.

I could take my X1 to my Relatives to do the Day 1 Update, but I would never be able to play awesome games such as Destiny or TitanFall being ALWAYS ONLINE MMO FPS games, or being able to play F2P Games such as Killer Instinct are not an OPTION.

Me, it would be games such as Ryse, Forza being able to only play them OFFLINE hoping they will have an OFFLINE SP Mode such as maybe HALO Will. I would only be able to do X1 updates every Couple of months, as my Relatives dont actually live that close to me. so DLC would have to be for only certain Type of Big time games I love.

Also I may wait on the X1 mainly I dont dig the 499.99 price tag so I may wait, keep on doing my own thing on Current, many games will still be on current such as Dragon Age Inquistion next year and also Fable Anniversary.

I assume the only diffrence between DA I being on 360/X1 will be how it is with BattleField being Smoother or better MP Mode better Framerate & Graphics but should be about the same in terms of Content.

Dont get me wrong people I may get me a X1, but like I said I will not be playing MMOs, F2Ps just mainly Offline Gaming using no Social Media such as Facebook or Twiiter or other Social Media features on the X1.

For now I am still quite happy on my 360, and I will just keep on using with what I have for a couple of more years.

User Info: Mindwipe77

4 years ago#2
i already decided the ps4 and x1 will be my last 2 new consoles (already have wii-u) by the time ps5 or the next xbox comes out i'll be getting up there in the years so ps4 wii u and x1 is the perfect gen to call my last.
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User Info: kidwgm

4 years ago#3
Where is your location? Just out of curiosity.
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