Closer to launch, let's have another recount... PS4 or X1?

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User Info: gameboybryce

4 years ago#91
DesperateMonkey posted...
Benjamin wants to be the new MetroidFan9999 around here ^^

Anyways, quite a few things have changed. The OS issues however, are nothing but rumors.

What we know has changed is that:

-PS4 has not shown a bunch of retail games as was expected at TGS and Gamescrom
-Driveclub is pushed back
-Xbox One now has a headset
-Cloud and dedicated servers are CONFIRMED to be free for all devs in the future
-Titanfall is now a confirmed exclusive
-50% more power on the PS4 is not 50% better looking at all

Now you think this would translate to better poll results on GFaqs right? WRONG. The PS4 people are more butthurt than ever and we got brand new recruits like Benjamin right here.

Basically, everytime Sony slips up or MS does something cool, the trolling only gets worse. Overnight we had the dedicated server complaints transform from "Devs still have to pay and Sony has had dedicated servers more last gen!" to "omg, dedicated servers are GARBAGE and P2P is almost the same anyways!"

The slow trickle of positive XB1 news along with negative PS4 news since E3 has really been painful for these people so they make it painful for the rest of us who are excited about XB1.

Its not like anyone is even saying the XB1 is a better console, but that it just has different qualities that make it better to some or better in certain areas. But anyone who thinks anything positive about XB1 is taken as someone who is trying to destroy "precious Sony"...

While the OS rumors are just rumors even Kotaku says their trusted sources are saying things along the same lines.

Plus there still hasn't be any really deal breaking bad news for the PS4. Yes, the X1 has been getting some positive news but it's still getting more negative news than the PS4.

With Digital Foundry coming out and admitting that there's a chance the X1 will always be behind in terms of how multiplats look this whole gen has got a lot of people talking.

As far as dedicated servers go Sony will be having them too same as with the last gen. This does not take away from the good fact that Microsoft is offering them to all of the devs on their system.

All in all nothing has really come out that's made the X1 look more appealing than the PS4. In fact I would say the past week has made the PS4 look even more appealing.
This board has become a haven for Sony trolls, you have no idea what it is like going to sleep each night punching your pillow furiously.~TrashBoat

User Info: CyborgTwenty

4 years ago#92
benjimain posted...
CyborgTwenty posted...
PS4 for superior multiplatform games.


With PS4 running games much better, it was a really easy choice!

User Info: benjimain

4 years ago#93
Oh damn, those results are br00tal.

User Info: benjimain

4 years ago#94
Oh damn, those results are br00tal.
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