Xbox One and 4k vs PS4

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User Info: triple s

triple s
3 years ago#11
Upscaling is not the same or anywhere near as good as having something at the native res. I want an Xbox One over a PS4, but this resolution difference is a big advantage in the PS4's favor as of now.
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User Info: EpeenWeaboo

3 years ago#12
LOL!!! Xbone can't even run most games at 1080p, what the hell makes anyone think it can do justice to a 4K game? Unless it runs at 5 fps? LOL!!!
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User Info: Kolanifv

3 years ago#13
There's not going to be 4k anytime soon, it's not viable with the way major US internet providers set usage caps. One 4k movie is pushing 100 gb of data.

User Info: Guide

3 years ago#14
Unless 4k has less lag frames, I ain't switchin ever,
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User Info: 2006_

3 years ago#15
Yeah upscaled from 720p, great idea. Sony must be feeling the heat! They can never beat that.

User Info: dolabla

3 years ago#16
Actually, the PS4 does have a hardware upscaler. Yoshida answered this question yesterday. Here's a pic of it:

User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#17
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
4K TVs come with their own upscaling technology

Don't need the one in the X1, PS4 can hit 4K res due to the TV

Colour me confused, but wasn't there a butting of heads the other day, between PS4 doing 4k against the XOne doing 4k? Can the PS4 actually not do it now? That is a shame, if so... :/
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