HAHA weaker! low resolution! low framerate!

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User Info: datemasamuneX

3 years ago#1
just kidding im getting a xb1 at launch and a ps4 next year when it actually has a few games to play

User Info: YuiSenpai

3 years ago#2
same here bro. Why limit myself to one console when I can enjoy games on BOTH of them (and Wii U too, but I already got one of them)

User Info: supermoc10

3 years ago#3
I'm the opposite of you. I'm getting a PS4 at launch and an Xbox One in March (Titanfall). Also getting a Wii U whenever Smash Bros. comes out. I just can't see myself being limited to one console for a whole gen.
PSN & Xbox Live: supermoc10
"Mr Zurkon does NOT come in peace"

User Info: CyborgTwenty

3 years ago#4
PS4 at launch for superior multiplatform games, X1 sometime next year when it got a exclusive i like and Wii U on the day Smash Bros comes out.
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  3. HAHA weaker! low resolution! low framerate!

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