Truth about fanboys.

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User Info: Special-Edd

3 years ago#11
llsamuraill posted...
I am getting a PS4 at launch, and will keep a very close eye on x1 hardware and software reviews. I know the PS4 is the more powerful of the two, but I also know that the x1 has loads to offer in countless entertainment hours. Titanfall looks great,Forza is a proven franchise and MS has many other exclusives that any gamer would be excited about.

The reason loyal PS4 supporters act as if they could care less about the x1 is due to the fact that they are only planning on getting the PS4. So in alot of ways the PS4 exclusive owners are limiting themselves to just Sony exclusives,while they ignore or say that they have no interest in x1 software. That is a lie, if x1 has a great exclusive you can bet any gamer is dieing to play it and that works both ways.

The dilemma is that gaming is an expensive hobby and really how many people can afford to purchase two consoles in the same month with some games for each. They then resort to once their decision about which console they choose the other one becomes the red headed step child that endures all types of scrutiny, so they feel justified in their own minds for the choice they made. In reality, if you dont lie to yourself, we all want both but just can not justify that type of expense for a hobby.

If anyone tries to say what I have posted here is bs then you really are not a gamer, but a true idiot. Gaming is about games, not consoles or companies. Will both the PS4 and x1 offer a great experience this gen? Yes they will. Really it is better for any gamer to hope both consoles succeed , because competition drives innovation .

Happy gaming.

Fixed. Also, yes I agree with what you're saying.
RebelGameMaster: You can't say poop is better than french toast because some people like the taste of poop.
Proud day one adopter of PS4 and Xbox One

User Info: masterchief6154

3 years ago#12
OmegaTavo posted...
llsamuraill posted...
slowdog76 posted...
before i respond properly, the first thing that entered my head was "gingers have souls". sorry, you just put it in my head, lmao.

anyway, you are indeed correct. im getting a xb1 for many reasons that are my own. i dont feel the need to constantly defend my decision because I am happy with it. Similarly, I don't feel the need to belittle people for the decision they have made. It's a waste of time and energy. Plus, I'm an adult.

It's a shame. I remember the console wars of the late 80's and the great Mario v Sonic debate. seems so innocent now, and I kinda wish things were like that still. The truth of it was, every Mario defender had neither a Sonic game, nor a Sega console to play it on, and vice versa. The same thing happened then as happens now, that few can afford all, and they defend the choice of expenditure they made above all. But, in secret, all would kill to play the other. I was DESPERATE to play mario, zelda, and so on, and was horribly jealous of those that had an NES. But still, all "debate" was light hearted and generally fun.

But the extreme levels of vitriol and, I suspect, testosterone flying around these past few months is quite quite shocking, a little depressing and, if I'm honest, a little humorous at times.

Finally a person of sound mind.

Who knows how to write properly.

There's actually quite a few like that, but these console wars have scared the majority away. I have stuck around through it all, and count myself as disheartened because of it. Good to see a few guys not sucked in by the hate-mongering.
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User Info: slowdog76

3 years ago#13
The funny thing is, whilst I appreciate the "write properly" compliment, there was a ton of horrible grammatical errors everywhere in that post. I rarely write properly on forums such as this, despite being educated enough to be able to do so. Mainly because any effort to do so is really wasted.
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

User Info: stawg007

3 years ago#14
Wall of text but I agree

Fanboys are idiots

User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#15
slowdog76 posted...
No, it wasn't as bad at all. The truth of it was, any "war" (and I should have used quotes originally too), was nothing more than assorted magazines creating one to sell copy. They manufactured it, and the front lines were the playground. Interestingly, and in my experience, insults tended to be more about the game and characters therein rather than the person playing. "Who wants to be a fat plumber...." That kinda thing.

The internet, and the anonymity it affords has really turned this playground banter into some kind of phenomenon. Keyboard warriors and all that. Really not pleasant. It's like peering into the head of your average Jeremy Kyle guest, which is never going to be a rewarding experience.

Ah, that may have been why I missed it then. I was child in those days, I didn't start getting my gaming mags until I had the original PlayStation. :)

Random tale of the day: I remember reading somewhere that Mario was originally supposed to be a carpenter. :o

User Info: chrish909

3 years ago#16
The truth about the fanboys here is that they have some sort of mental problem. Some of them have been coming here for months. There is no logical reasoning for them to be here this long other than they are subconsciously trying to justify their purchase to themselves.

They think "If I go on this board and brag about cod being 1080p, and people agree with me, the console must be worth". But the thing is, they dont realize this is what they are doing, they tell themselves they are here for entertainment or for info. Its like a sick neverending psychological prank they are playing on themselves on a daily basis. Its really sad. Honestly someone should find out where one of them lives and put them on some reality show for internet trolls, kind of like catfish.

They will read this post, shrug it off, than months or years from now they will think " hey that chris guy from gfaqs was right. I was a desperate narcissist back than. Now ill be good" "Also he was tots right about sony going out of business lol"
This is why I'm never going to get a ps4
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