Should i drop my xbox one pre order for a ps4

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4 years ago#1
i would like some mature answers not a 3 word ps4 rules ftw answers. I have paid off my xbox one pre order but afer hearing that bf4 and ghost will run at native 1080p while XB1 is stuck at 720 upscaled 1080p im fearing that since it cant run launch titles in 1080p how will it be next year. Will it always be stuck in 720 if so i am getting a ps4 i really liked the xb1 features but im a gamer and would rather play games at native 1080p and not be able to snap between netflix and cod than play it in 720p and do that.


4 years ago#2
also this is kinda stupid of me but the only thing that is keeping me from making the jump from xb1 to ps4 is the contoller i left ps3 a year after i got it at its launch and went to 360 and fell in love with it that when i go and play shooters at a friends who has a ps3 i cant aim for s***

User Info: slyman19

4 years ago#3
The reason that Ghost and BF4 is simply that they are still learning the system. Once they have time to learn, games will be on par/very close with the PS4.

BTW, BF4 is not 1080 on PS4.

User Info: Heathenutopia

4 years ago#4
Do your homework and search the web. See what first and third parties are doing for your console of choice. Also, do you play games on the Kinect? The market will be flooded with them soon.

I am getting both, but my console of choice is the PS4. To me, it's all about the games and Sony delivers like no other. (IMO)

Anyway, good luck on your decision.
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User Info: billsfanno1

4 years ago#5
No one can answer your questions honestly and factually because they are speculative. Fanboys will debate the answers incessantly and neither will be telling you the guaranteed truth. Probably no chance at getting a PS4 in the near future if you don't have one pre-ordered. Doesn't hurt to hold onto your X1 pre-order until Nov. 18ish and see where your mind is then, since "insiders" suggest there are possibly some megatons coming from both sides. At that point you could still cancel and roll the money over to a PS4 reservation. You might even get in the queue for a PS4 at a no- or low- deposit place if you want to hedge your bets sooner.

User Info: CyborgTwenty

4 years ago#6
Yes you should.

User Info: Mmaguy

4 years ago#7
Long post but here you go:

The Xbox One has multiple games running 1080p right out of the gate - Forza/Crimson Dragon/NBA and Ryse can do 1080p but they bumped it down to 900p for design decisions.

A couple of games aren't hitting 1080p right now where the PS4 is (CoD), but you have to imagine that they are making that game for 6 systems - PS3/360/One/PC/WiiU/PS4, and trying to make it the best version that they can on each system. If the esram is difficult to design with, then you can imagine that instead of focusing all their effort into getting the One version to 1080p, they just left it at 720p as they have 5 other version to optimize. Battlefield 4 isn't running 1080p on the PS4 either, it's running at 900p, neither console is hitting 1080p there and it's having the same issue as CoD (so many versions/resources are spread very far).

There is a very good chance that every Xbox One exclusive is going to be 1080p within the next year, and that some (maybe all) third party games are going to be 1080p as well, once they stop making ps3/360/Wii U versions of these games allowing more time to push a single console and more time to really design around it. It's possible that they won't hit 1080p on all third party games, only the future will tell, but if you are worried about the Xbox One and 1080p in general, it is already launching with multiple games hitting that mark.

As for if you should keep your Xbox One or go with a PS4, that's up to you. If you like the Kinect features and enjoy the snap mode and all the things that come with it, then that's a huge bonus. Xbox One has exclusive games (many exclusive games) that the PS4 does not have. Do you want those games? if so, you can only get them on the Xbox One. Finally, think hard about weather 720p REALLY matters all that much to you. Did you see the BF4 multilayer stream that was going on earlier today? The game looked fantastic and far better than current gen versions. It is most certainly a next generation console in terms of graphics.

Overall, BOTH consoles are worth picking up for their own reasons, it really depends on what you want out of the console. I'll be picking up the Xbox One first as it has better games coming out for it right now and the Kinect is awesome and I can't wait to get my hands on that tech. I'll get the PS4 a year or two from now when there's better games for it. That's just my opinion of course.

Enjoy whichever console you pick up!

User Info: Gothmogz

4 years ago#8
slyman19 posted...
The reason that Ghost and BF4 is simply that they are still learning the system. Once they have time to learn, games will be on par/very close with the PS4.

BTW, BF4 is not 1080 on PS4.

This is a uninformed comment, is like the formula 1, a car wont stop for the other to pass by, the xbox one will improve, so does the ps4, what will happen when they squeeze the ps4 and is a 720p 30 fps game, and they port it to xbox one which is less powerful?
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User Info: Psychosis1001

4 years ago#9
Don't do it!! We're getting ONE good launch game!! Everybody be knowing that launch games are the end all be all of consoles!!!

Official voice of the Xbox One cheerleader brigade. Will shamelessly lie, cheat and retreat in service of the One.

User Info: Izec

4 years ago#10
The main reasons to stick with Xbox One this gen are the exclusive games during launch year, the controller, and the Xbox interface/online quality.

If you don't care about those things, you might as well switch to PS4.
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