Is Ryse a system seller?

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User Info: Doukou

3 years ago#31
SlimeSwayze posted...
Doukou posted...

MS is publishing it.
Capcom doesn't get to decide if it gets ported.

Didn't MS publish Mass Effect and Ninja Gaiden II on the 360? They ended up being ported to PS3, so be aware that the same could happen with DR3.

On topic, if Ryse is a system seller, it is the worst system seller of all time. Unless they completely redid the game since I played it a PAX, it is not a good game. Not even close.

That said, Forza and Dead Rising 3 looks like solid launch games, and hopefully Crimson Dragon will be good, too.

While those are similar occurrences there are some differences.
The biggest one being that Bioware was an independent studio at the time that was later bought by EA who purchased the franchise along with the company while not purchasing ME1 rights
Capcom Vancouver is owned by Capcom obviously so it

Ninja Gaiden II is a bit weird and it fits as a good example
Ninja Gaiden II only appears on Xbox 360 while Sigma 2 appears only on the PS3.
I heard some cases where Sigma is considered it's own series since it has many differences between the games but I imagine that Temco purchased the rights from MS as long as it was very different from the 360 game.
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User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#32
Lol, Ryse, the corridor QTE-fest !

It's just a demo, not a game, I mean come on people !

User Info: ONutrition

3 years ago#33
I am going to say no just because we aren't sure how the gameplay will be yet. But even if it ends up being a great game no one should buy a system for one game...
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