Pretty soon, I think "troll fatigue" will set in.

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  3. Pretty soon, I think "troll fatigue" will set in.

User Info: savagechild89

3 years ago#31
no. once they are both out it will only get worse. anytime anything goes wrong with either of them, the fanboys will come out in strides bashing each other.
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User Info: Dreamerboy99

3 years ago#32
I'd give it a couple of months until people stop bashing the Xbone over the stupidest reasons, but until then...

720p! So inferior! Haha!

User Info: Unbridled9

3 years ago#33
Fatigue never stopped trolls. As soon as one dies, another one steps up and trolls a third into joining them. The only hope is to starve them, and they feed off of attention.
Sanity. The most important, yet most lacking, thing in the world these days. Try sanity today! Accept no substitutes!

User Info: md22mdrx

3 years ago#34


"Troll fatigue" doesn't exist. It's the internet.

Trolls do not simply "stop trolling". It's their existence. It's their raison d'etre.
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  3. Pretty soon, I think "troll fatigue" will set in.

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