If it's true that Xbox One is not powerful enough, then Xbox One will upgrade

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User Info: jrr18

3 years ago#21
Porunga posted...
Small revisions like adding in HDMI ports are one thing, but a total hardware upgrade (cpu/ram/gpu) has never been done. It would be a death blow to the xbox one. Doing so would completely alienate the early install base. Their consoles would then become worthless and they would have to repurchase the system in order to continue playing new games. Games designed to take advantage of this new hardware would either not work with older systems, or would run poorly on older systems.

Microsoft is many things, but suicidaly stupid is not one of them.

you did see the xbox one announcement didn't you?
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User Info: Rickystilwell

3 years ago#22
TheGam3925 posted...
N64 had the 4mb ram expansion pack lol.

Sega Saturn had a 4MB ram cartridge as well. It made the system compatible with certain fighting games designed to run as smooth as butter.

User Info: Gamer4e4

3 years ago#23
Pixx0 posted...
TerraUniverse posted...
khardbored posted...
They won't do a GPU/CPU/Ram upgrade. That would severely alienate and enrage customers without the upgrade. Nor is it financially feasible.

They wouldn't update the whole system, and the old Xbox One's would still work. They would just update it so that it could run games at 1080p and 60 FPS, which shouldn't be a huge update.

Early Xbox 360 models didn't come with HDMI ports. Obviously, HDMI greatly improves graphics. This shows you that they can update something so that the graphics look better. Also, the old Xbox One's would still work, too. Keep in mind that all 1080p games can be viewed in 720p also, especially on 720p TV's for example, so old Xbox One's could still play games.



you're technically flawed. Never, ever touch a subject you know s*** about. That would take way too long to explain how, why you are very wrong. Educate yourself, do some research about this and come back to read what you first wrote, to see how ignorant this is.

This ^^


User Info: MrSpaM111

3 years ago#24
Does the XBox One have an expansion port they forgot to list under the specs then?

Nope, thought not
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User Info: SpidermanThread

3 years ago#25
Nope, a console is always developed so people have the same specs. Otherwise half the people who got the earlier model would be restricted from new games. And since its already half a grand it would become even more expensive that it would justify just getting an actual PC. And that "developers will learn to use the system" doesn't apply when its using x86-64 architecture; which was selected to be particularly easy to use. What you see with PS4, XB1 and WiiU is what you get. In the future devs will pick'n'mix from resolution, textures or fancy animations etc as games become more complex.

User Info: BigBOOtoYOU2

3 years ago#26
TerraUniverse posted...
Also, it's not known if it's a good thing to have something run in 1080p.

Yes, it is known.

But apparently not by you.

User Info: schmarkenheimer

3 years ago#27
It's not that it can't run 1080p, it's whether or not it can do it with high fidelity. Games and their tech get much more advanced in a gen as everyone knows. Of course you're going to be able to use the tech better but will it be able to run it along with the higher resolution? For example PDZ and BF3 on 360. Both are ~30fps, BF3 has ~22% more pixels and probably 2x FXAA (maybe 4x). Obviously that's a massive improvement given the same hardware. However, 1080p is 2.25x that of 720p and so that's a big gain that will have to be made (almost 85% more than PDZ to BF3) from resolution alone. Considering that this gen mostly went for fidelity over resolution (easier to show in ads for example), I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same this time around. How many 1080p games are there in this list on 360 v 720p or lower? Hint: <5. Yes, the 360 can do 1080p. Why wasn't it chosen as the main resolution? Because fidelity. I can imagine 720p games now going to 1600x900 and those 16x9 going to 1080p with a solid fidelity increase, or maybe a res somewhere in between. 720p to 1080 with much higher fidelity? Doubt it tbh.


TerraUniverse posted...

For instance, the Xbox 360 didn't have HDMI (I think) at the beginning and it was added afterwards.

Ports =/= CPU/GPU/memory. How are people going to play the new games if their console isn't powerful enough?
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