Is 1080p really that big of a deal to some of you?

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User Info: Revenanced

4 years ago#121
My TV is 720p. I dont care what resolution my video games display in.

Is it nice when I get to see higher definition? Sure. Will I throw a fit like 90% of the gamers here, heck no!
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User Info: GGooDD

4 years ago#122
Decepticon89 posted...
icewolf74 posted...
No, not at all for me. Not exactly sure why this is an issue in the first place? There won't be all that much of a difference between 720p and 1080p like people think there will be when it comes to this new generation. Just like there won't be a huge graphical difference between the PS3/Xbox360 and the PS4/XboxOne. The days of huge graphical leaps between console generations are over.

So why people are getting their panties in a bunch about the Xbox One not outputting all of its games in 1080p, is way beyond me. Xbox One's games will still look just as good as on the PS4. People just need to shut up and chill and go play their games.

Honestly, I think those 1080p vs 720p threads are just PS4 fanboys trolling Xbox One fans for the sake getting off on. Nothing less, nothing more.

Prepare for the storm my friend. Even though this is the Xbox One board, it's infested with sony fanboys. Remember the Jerusalem scene in WWZ? Yeah, they're like that on these boards.

you sir, made my day. and im already pretty baked.
I refuse to pay to play online in a non MMO environment on the PC, i paid 2k for my PC, 70 a month for my net, and 80 for a game new, why would i pay for MP?

User Info: Jon_God

4 years ago#123
While it doesn't bother me that much (I can clearly tell the difference between 1080 and 720, but I wouldn't buy one version over the other for just that reason.(I bought all my games for the PS3 last gen, despite owning both)) It's not a good sign. The same thing were said about third party multiplats for the Ps3 last generation.

I think people are worried it will go the same way, but with the Xbox One replacing the PS3 in getting shoddy ports.

Only time will tell.
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User Info: EspicaGF

4 years ago#124
Would you have made the same topic if the PS4 was the one outputting at 720p?
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User Info: Ipsylos

4 years ago#125
ILikesCheese posted...
Ipsylos posted...
Jordansgstring posted...
Well seen as many people have forked out for 1080p tvs and this is the next generation of gaming. 1080p should be standard.

1080P is old, 4k should be the standard this generation, but the consoles are too far behind in technology for that to be a possibility.

I said this to someone else in another topic and apparently I am going to have to keep saying it: 4K will NEVER be a standard.

It took decades for 1080 to become the current standard; its roots can be traced back all the way to the early 80s and then to the first broadcast in the mid 90s. Even still, broadcast television is still TODAY only in 1080 I. 4K is and will remain a niche format.
Do your homework, 1080P was around long before the 80's, but like 4k, it was too damn expensive and groundbreaking to become a standard format, and to this day is still not the standard.
I don't care honestly. I already pay to get the free games each month.
- unltimategamerf

User Info: badmanneil

4 years ago#126
Dude, this is about moving forward. This is about next-gen. 1080p should of been the standard when designing both ps4 and One. It is obvious which company stuck to this requirement. I mean honestly. When new consoles come out in 6 years i expect the new standard to be 4k... I don't think that's asking much.
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User Info: Kupo_Mog_Kupo

4 years ago#127
It isn't like either console is getting every single thing at 1080p. Sure PS4 has more but the Xbox One wins in the launch games I'd rather play category anyway.

User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#128
1080p should have been the standard this current gen.

It not being standard this gen is... ugh...
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