Sign here if your excited for the new Xbox and list three reasons

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User Info: twa556

4 years ago#31
1. Not spending $100
2. Irrelevant
3. Irrelevant

User Info: badmanneil

4 years ago#32
i mean yea, overall i'm pretty excited:

Microsoft's new console
Ryse, Ghosts, Black Flags, Forza, Titanfall!
I think the kinect is going to be awesome. I really like the voice commands and i love the tv integration.
The only con i have right now is the 1080p thing.
Gamertag: Krazzy Bananas

User Info: rubberGasket

4 years ago#33
1. Xbox On
2. Xbox Destroy PS4
3. Enjoy the Games
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User Info: popsurf

4 years ago#34
1. Games (bf4 64 players)
2. Controller
3. XBL

Can't wait for the 22nd..
XBL: surfpunk182

User Info: Yargitsu99z

4 years ago#35
1. Microsoft is a great, consumer-friendly, introspective, innovative company since Bill Gates left.

2. It has so much potential as a system; especially for it's price.

3. There's a few moderately "good"(read:hyped) games for it at launch, which has consistently shown, throughout gaming history that it will have the superior library(in both quantity and quality) throughout this generation.

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User Info: Bigdaddy422

4 years ago#36
1. Games

2. Voice commands and kinect features

3. Snap, Resume/Suspend.

User Info: Demigod_Elessar

4 years ago#37
1. next-gen titles; excited for Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, and future Halo games
2. Kinect 2.0
3. controller and skype
Gamertag: Demigod Elessar

User Info: BoomerHelll

4 years ago#38

User Info: Talon684

4 years ago#39
1. Halo
2. Dead rising 3
3. Titanfall
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