If Xbox 1 is hard to program for, why is PS4 getting all the delays?

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User Info: Raukue

4 years ago#71
Heathenutopia posted...
Game developers want to make money. Put your game out in the middle of 30 "other" games and it could be overlooked.

Wouldn't you be pissed if all of your summer time blockbuster movies came out on the same day? Good luck getting a sequel if nobody is coming to see your movie.

This. Blow all your load at once and you are left with nothing. Good games that could've grown and gotten sequels, never get the chance because people bought other games over it at the time.

Also, as usual, I see people talking about launch games like that is all that matters. Much like EA and that sort, those people are being short sighted and think it should all come out at once and get it all in fast... screw long term. I think 360 was the same way.... start off with all the good games but then dry up afterward. But I guess if that is what people want.
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User Info: InjusticeReborn

4 years ago#72
gameboybryce posted...

Sony is marketing indies and f2p games because contrary to your opinion people actually play these type of games too. I for one am looking forward to Warframe, DCUO (played it on PS3), The Witness, Transistor, etc. You can bash them but they add variety to the console.

Sony's doing a launch event where they may or may not reveal a new game or two, what's wrong with that? Sony has been saying for the past few months that they have a multitude of unannounced games for the console. Unlike Microsoft Sony proved itself to have good 1st party studios and with all their major ones working on new IPs they don't have to announce them all at once.

And you say there's no evidence that the X1 is being rushed? So does shipping with a Day 1 patch to make the system even work is par the course? Because patching out unwanted DRM features in a console 5 months before the console is supposed to release is something all consoles have to do. Because having Crytek admit that Microsoft had to rewrite code on the Xbox One to make Ryse run on it is normal?
Yep, all those things are just perfectly fine.

Where are these "indications" that the PS4 is being rushed now?

1. I thought it was just announced that Shadow Fall will indeed be 1080p 60fps, both single player AND multiplayer?

2. "Maybe Microsoft should have delayed Forza and added some next gen dynamic lighting, weather effects or even a simple night mode (all things that should be present in a racing sim) but yeah that games not being rushed to market either right?"

Hasn't this feature been removed from GT6? I did a quick search of GT the other day (trying to find out where the PS4 version is, discovering GT6 is just around the corner for PS3 :sadface:), and they weren't listed in a feature list...

Doesn't GT still shy away from damage? ;)

3. Warframe looks SOOO cool. Just saw the vide from E3. Definitely a game to try out. Good that it's only a timed exclusive from what I hear, so XBO owners can get in on it also.

Edit: Unless I missed it, but isn't Motorstorm missing from that PS3 launch line-up? Great fun that was in the day.

User Info: MrImpatient35

4 years ago#73
I thought from E3 that PS4 was rushed, but nobody believed me. Why did I think that? Cause all of their awesome games come out next year. This year is just filler stuff to hold you until the GOOD games come out. IMO, the best launch game they had in Watch Dogs was pushed back.
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User Info: SAMCROftw

4 years ago#74
chrish909 posted...
Lmao, sorry if I dont spend my entire day on the forum like some people.

lmao so you just woke up at 2:30 AM and decided to come to gamefaqs to post more stupidity. Right, right... XD
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User Info: SAMCROftw

4 years ago#75
chrish909 posted...
SparkItUp posted...
SAMCROftw posted...
LOL at the "Ps4 gotz indiez" argument btw. Watch when Xbox One gets more indies their argument will turn around. It will go from "lololol indiez" to "we haz moar exkloosiv gaemz hyakhyakhyak derp derp derp"

There won't be enough drool cups in the world to contain that amount of derp.

Exactly was the argument they used for the X360...but now that it's Sony with the indie support, it doesn't count.

Now that being said, I personally do not count indies. I critiqued the X360 hard for relying on XBLA for exclusives, and I will critique the PS4 when I own it for the same thing if it does in fact rely on indies for much of their exclusive support.

Nobody plays indies, I promise you. Indie games are different than psn and xbla games. They are lower budget games that will are like apps, and you lose interest fast. Project spark allows you to make your own indies so x1 beats ps4 when it comes to indies. Also some of ps4 indies arent exclusive, I know contrast is releasing on xbla or the indie narjet place..

> xbla haz moar indiez so it haz moar exkloosivz
> nobody playz indiez i promise u
> xbo winz automatically becuz it haz dis indie dat makez u make othar indiez

Lol same stupid drivel as always.
Xbox fan since 2003. Tired of Microsoft's bull. LOLXbone.
Mass Effect TaliShep.... still a better love story than Twilight.

User Info: SAMCROftw

4 years ago#76
chrish909 posted...
FOXSOLID posted...
bendermin posted...
FOXSOLID posted...
I guess I'll be the one to question TC's ignorant topic title.

All the delays? Exactly what are you talking about? I know of only ONE PS4 game delay being Drive Club so why are you talking as though there were a myriad of games held back?

The only other delay besides that game was Watch Dogs and that is on ALL platforms.

Stay desperate, it suits you TC.

driveclub. infamous. planetside. UI features wth?

Making up delays huh? Stay desperate as well.

Coming to a board of a product you dislike just to troll people. Stay desperate as well.

Driveclub is delayed so 33% of ps4 retail launch titles are delayed. Tc may have worded it bad, but it seems like alot of ps4 games are delayed because they barely have any.

Converting to percentage does absolutely nothing. It's still ONE GAME. My god, what a desperate stretch. Only someone extremely desperate and foolish goes and posts something like that. That is an embarrassingly terribad post. That post is bad and you should feel bad. I think the mods should be merciful to you and delete your account.

>"PS4 haz no gaemz"
>"PS4 barely haz any gaemz"

pick one.
Xbox fan since 2003. Tired of Microsoft's bull. LOLXbone.
Mass Effect TaliShep.... still a better love story than Twilight.

User Info: Iminyourcloset

4 years ago#77
SAMCROftw posted...
chrish909 posted...
Lmao, sorry if I dont spend my entire day on the forum like some people.

lmao so you just woke up at 2:30 AM and decided to come to gamefaqs to post more stupidity. Right, right... XD

You ever stop to think people are in different timezones to you?

Because on my screen he posted at 10:30 am
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User Info: Reece504

4 years ago#78
GuardianShadow0 posted...
I think it's hilarious when Xbox fanboys talk about the PS4 and its games being rushed when the XB1 looks more like it was rushed since it can't function without the Day 1 update which is supposedly the entire OS. If you're going to talk **** about something, at least make sure the thing you're defending doesn't have the same problems or worse.

Sony's PlayStation 4 US launch is now less than a month away and -- surprise, surprise -- it's going to require a Day One system update. The company just announced today that a significant software patch (about 300MB in size) will be necessary to enable a slew of functionality, like Remote Play on PS Vita and the Share button, that Sony's been championing through the year. Also going hand-in-hand with this patch is the release of Sony's second screen PlayStation App, which will be available on November 13th in the US (just two days before launch) and on the 22nd in Europe on both Android and iOS.

With the PS4's version 1.50 update, gamers will be able to record and upload gameplay highlights via the Share button, as well as livestream sessions using the inbuilt Twitch or Ustream options. And if you happen to pick up an PS4 Eye at launch, you'll also be able to take advantage of that camera's voice commands and facial recognition features. Crucially, this update also turns on Sony's "Play as you download" function, which leverages the company's Gaikai-powered cloud tech so you don't have to wait half a day before playing recent PSN purchaes.

Since it's made to work with the PlayStation App (or PS4 Link on Vita), the update also transforms mobile devices running the app into second screen controllers for supported titles, a remote for control/keyboard for navigation of the PS4 and makes Remote Play over WiFi on the Vita a reality -- all on day one. Beyond its gameplay functions, the PlayStation App functions essentially as an extension of PSN, letting PS4 owners access their Friends List, send messages across PlayStation platforms (i.e., PS Vita and PS3), edit their profiles, buy games, view Trophies, as well as send and view notifications and status updates within the What's New feed.

Online multiplayer via PS Plus and multiple account PSN account log-in are also bundled into this Day One update, in addition to Blu-ray and DVD support, the ability to play background music while in-game and Party chat. So, basically, everything you've ever heard Sony talk about in the lead up to the PS4's launch will be part and parcel of this very necessary software patch.

But there is one thing Sony's not yet making available to early PS4 adopters and that's the "suspend/resume" feature; a low-power state that means you never have to shut the console off -- you can just pause, walk away and then pick up right where you left off. Sony's hasn't given a timeframe for when gamers can expect this to go live, only saying that gamers can expect further updates on this and other unannounced features "in the near future". Until then, you'll just have to make do with manually shutting off the system. That's rough, we know.
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User Info: gameboybryce

4 years ago#79
GuardianShadow0 posted...
too long

Go read your whole post and see if you notice the key differences between Sony's Day 1 patch and Microsoft's. Sony's patch patches in most ONLINE related features meaning if you don't have internet in the first place all those features don't even relate to you. And they even said you can call them and they can send the patch on a disc for the DVD/BluRay features if you can't connect to the internet. Everything concerning the no online related experience can be played right out the box.
On the other hand, Microsoft's Day 1 patch is required to make the system work period. Don't download the patch you've just spent $500 on a brick. And what about their lack of support for external harddrives at launch?

Which one sounds worse?
This board has become a haven for Sony trolls, you have no idea what it is like going to sleep each night punching your pillow furiously.~TrashBoat

User Info: stevieb1234567

4 years ago#80
One delay drive club thats it and doesnt matter cause were getting the best version of n4s rivals on launch
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