Went to an Xbox One event, best game I played was Ryse...

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User Info: redorblue88

3 years ago#1
I went to an xbox one event recently, managed to play Forza, Fifa 14, Ryse, Dead rising 3 and watched a few people play battlefield 4 (wasn't impressed enough to even bother queuing).

Anyway, out of all the games I played I think Ryse was my biggest surprise, originally wasn't even going to get it but after the event I pre-ordered for day of release. In the demo you get to play one round of arena mode, there are minor objectives to complete that in turn spawn harder enemies. I watched many people play and only saw one person complete the round. On my first go I was playing around with the controls, checking out the graphics, getting to grips with everything. Basically i fought quite a few regular level enemies that didn't stop spawning as I wasn't attempting to complete the objectives. This only got difficult once the number of enemies grew too large (10+). Long story short, I died. Came away thinking it was an average game, pretty easy and monotonous.

Then I went round played a few more games, dead rising 3 wasn't impressive at all but I think it loses most of it's charm when your just running around without any missions or survivors to help, still have it pre-ordered. Forza 5, graphically very impressive, LOVED the rumble triggers, thought they were a rubbish gimmick before but they do work extremely well in forza. Also furze's graphics were extremely good, could have used some anti-aliasing though. Fifa 14, really enjoyed it, has a new engine, only in the X1/PS4 versions (nope, not on pc).

Aaaanyway, back to Ryse again. I managed to play it another two times. The second time was more of the same from the first go, got a bit further, figured out the controls and how to play the game a bit better. Died before the end.

Third times a charm, this round I actually won, I focused on the objectives this time, this led to much tougher enemies, ones with different attack patterns, ones with shields, ones you can't block against, etc. Playing the game with objectives in mind and not just mindlessly tapping attack until I die (then saying it sucks like a lot of people are doing), I got quite a bit of challenge from the game and found it to be a lot of fun. It does seem to be a difficult game, and to be honest although I was doing quite well I got up to the last two or three guys and they pretty much took away a full health bar extremely quickly. I ended up running away from them and to my surprise in trying to chase me they all got themselves killed in traps layer out across the arena, suddenly just when I though there was no way I'd win I got the "Round won" message written across the screen! :D

A few points on the game:

- The gore wasn't that intense (other than chopped off arms) but the guys there told me that they had been informed that this was a reduced gore version for demoing purposes.

- Cloth physics were very impressive, although there wasn't much cloth on the player character a few of the enemies had multiple layers of cloth which all moved very realistically.

- A number of bodies stay lying around I'd guess somewhere between 20 - 25 bodies stay around.

- Graphics were probably the most impressive out of all, though it did feel like the sharpness on the tv could have been turned up a tiny bit. Overall though, very nice. Shame it's not 1080p native.

- The animations were amazing, flowing from move to block to move was extremely smooth and responsive, which I find isn't conveyed at all in a video. Really impressed by this. At one point I went to do an execution and it blended seamlessly into a move where I pushed a guy over the edge of a fire cauldron. Was very impressive to see and the crowd behind me all reacted to it and one of the guys working there was like "wooow I didn't know you could do that", was pretty funny.

- Also, there was a crowd interest meter throughout the demo, my final crowd rating was "Entranced".

Any questions about any of the games? :D

User Info: Doukou

3 years ago#2
Did you see anyone use a different weapon besides Shield and Sword?
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User Info: redorblue88

3 years ago#3
I get the impression from how I saw a lot of people playing that people played the demo just by mashing attack and just gave up after dying. Also many people had their final crowd status as "uninterested" which showed just how varied their play styles were.

And a side note, my pc is sli gtx 670, i7 2600k, and my comparison for graphics are stuff like maxed out Crysis 3, Metro last light, etc. So fire away any advanced graphics questions as well.

User Info: redorblue88

3 years ago#4
In the demo you can only use one sword and one shield and can pick up Spears. But there was a un-selectable option after the demo to customise your gladiator.

User Info: Heathenutopia

3 years ago#5
That's not very comforting if the best game you played was Ryse out of that bunch.
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User Info: YuiSenpai

3 years ago#6
Awesome news, Ryse is turning out to be a real surprise great game :)

User Info: Mmaguy

3 years ago#7
Awesome, thanks for the information. Honestly, I'm excited by just seeing it being played. I love the idea of combo strings and finish strings, and that you can unlock them as you go through the game. I watched the stream a couple days ago on the arena mode and I thought it looked great.

As for questions, can you tell me some more about your Forza experience? That's my #1 most wanted game and I'd like to hear more details about the triggers and how it looked.

User Info: redorblue88

3 years ago#8
@Heathenutopia or maybe it's a reflection on how good Ryse was rather than how bad the rest was?

In terms of graphics forza looked great although to be honest there was some noticeable aliasing which isn't that noticeable from all the trailers and gameplay vids. Possibly could have done with some form of refined FXAA such as the type Max Payne 3 uses which barely affected fps at all.

The paint work on the cars was very nicely detailed and in general the level of detail on the cars was extremely good. I was annoyed that after selecting your car you couldn't free look around the car, it just goes into a cinematic on-rails camera that's moving around the car and you can only press A to continue to the race.

I chose the Mclaren P1 to start with (of course) and it was a real beast of a car, the engine sounds were great, very loud and powerful, also the gear changes through to acceleration shift afterwards made a very nice impact through the engine roar. This car however would take a lot of practice to master, I hadn't played a racing game in a while prior to playing this and honestly it just felt like I wasn't skilled enough to drive it.

For my second race I chose a ford (fiesta i think), figured I'd go for the lowest end car on offer. Again, just as detailed, engine sounded accurate from what I know of this spec car, and the handling felt spot on, much slower and controlled compared to the P1 (obviously).

The triggers weren't constantly rumbling, it seemed to kick in when acceleration increases, for example you slow down to go round a corner, as you break the left trigger will begin to vibrate, you ease off, change gear then accelerate. As the car picks up speed the right trigger begins to vibrate and slowly eases off as speed starts to stay more consistent. Felt MUCH better and made a better impact on immersion than I ever would have imagined before having used it. Hopefully the rumble motors and made to last a while though!

My biggest gripe/worry to be honest was that there was no option to go into replay mode through pausing in the middle of a race, this is a huge thing for me, I want to be able to watch part of a replay or take pictures without having to wait till the end of a race. You guys think this is just a demo thing?

User Info: TheApd_Returns

3 years ago#9
Heathenutopia posted...
That's not very comforting if the best game you played was Ryse out of that bunch.

so you cherry pick part of the phrase rather than read his actual intent with the statement?
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