Ghosts looks best on XBO

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User Info: bob15x

4 years ago#21
"t is desperate. It is not based on what we actually know. It's not based on what we've seen. It is based on nothing other than your wish for the Xbox One version of a game to look as good as the PS4 version."

why do I wish the xbox one version looks better when I am not getting an xbox one?

It is irrelevant to me. People need to see both versions first. I would take a 720p game with better lighting, shadows and AA over 1080p with jaggies, poor quality shadows and lighting. Anyday.

User Info: Ramsus082

4 years ago#22
That's a false dilemma. Everyone would take a better-looking game in 720p than a worse-looking one in 1080p. That's not a choice people need to make though. There's no example of this that I'm aware of, certainly not BF4 or CoD.
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User Info: Yeomanly

4 years ago#23

Same map as the PS4 IGN video, either newer build or this looks better than PS4, need some more videos of both in same area.
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