Is Halo Xbox One going to be the first shooter to be 1080p native on Xbox One?

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User Info: PhaseBlack

4 years ago#1
CoD Ghosts and Battlefield 4 are 720p native, sources are saying Titanfall will be 720p as well. So that leaves Halo Xbox One which was promised to be 1080p and 60fps, but that game is more than a year away....
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User Info: TreGooda

4 years ago#2
Do you think the developers of Halo 5 are posting on here or that anybody here would know this answer?

What do you think this says about you?
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User Info: leathelj

4 years ago#3
halo is there baby dude and 343 is a good company with good hard working devs i am positive it will be 1080p and 60fps i don't know if it will be the first shooter that's 1080p as something may come out before it that's 1080p shooter or even something may change but honestly 1080p is not that big of a deal we are console games we enjoy games not pixels the game will look great no matter what if you really are into how many pixels there are on your tv and making sure that shadow under a tree looks right buy a pc spend 1000$+ and you can have all the pixels you want you can spend all day looking at the tree shadow.
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User Info: adonfraz

4 years ago#4
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User Info: MrSpaM111

4 years ago#5
Didn't they also promise COD, Battlefield and Titanfall were going to be 1080p a few months ago?
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User Info: Dionysus

4 years ago#6
adonfraz posted...
Isn't Destiny an open online persistent world with vehicles and everything? That sounds pretty demanding.

I think something will beat Halo. Some undemanding cross-gen shooter will probably be the first.

User Info: Lovecraftiangod

4 years ago#7
Halo most likely will be 1080p 60fps if not then that would show there is a real hardware issue with the Xbox one. People will just have to wait and see
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User Info: crawdad

4 years ago#8
Depends on MS and 343.

Halo 4 was the first in a very long time, Mainstream shooter on the 360 to be in native 720p.

So it just depends on how much time and effort MS allows 343 to hit that 1080p 60fps.. And I think a lot more is riding on it than people might let on. Mainly because 1st and 2nd party developers should have access to better tools and better knowledge of the hardware so their games should always be at the highest quality. Plus they have the resources and finances to squeeze more out of the system than 3rd party devs.

Do i think it's possible? Sure. Do i think it's likely? Maybe.

I would be very disappointed if it's not hitting that spot though. Especially after they announced it at E3 as the first Halo game to be in 60fps and will be in "glorious" 1080p.

I have a feeling they might get the framerate but skimp out on the resolution by upscaling it.

but we will see.
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User Info: Exxex

4 years ago#9

Boy, am I glad I don't give two flying turds about halo or anything about what the lore is about it, nor the products or, hell, just **** halo period.

Then I would NOT waste time aduling it, and the YEARS OF WASTED TIME that came with it.

Most likely...Microsoft will MOVE ON and have fresh blood working for it...for the next feeding.

If you are concerned about halo (gay......lo) in the next genaration...

baahaahaaahaaahaaa...and you already know it.

User Info: Dev0311

4 years ago#10
Halo will be 900p at best. That's my prediction.
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