Why I'm disappointed in MS and won't be getting an XBO at launch

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User Info: Mr Bump

Mr Bump
3 years ago#1
I've been a big fan of Microsoft's console gaming endeavours so far - I bought a US Xbox 1 at launch (when living in the UK - trust me, that wasn't cheap!) with Halo and a 360 at UK launch. Hell, you can see them both in pride of place in my old toy room, from about 2007:


I loved both consoles and although overall the PS2 was a much better console than Xbox 1 that gen (although there were definitely some XB1 highlights!), the 360 has been my go to console for the last 7 years. I love my PS3 and it has had some wonderful exclusive games, especially in it's twilight years, but the 360, overall, has been where it's been at. Great online, the best option for most multiplatform releases, great indy and download games. The only downside has been their bullheadedness over the Kinect - something that clearly isn't fun to use for anyone who isn't six. Conversely, I was very much looking forward to their next console - PS4, if you'd asked me a year ago, will be great, but a secondary option.

And then there was the disastrous E3 and the months leading up to it. Sure, they've backed down on most of that crap now, but it just showed me where MS see the Xbox brand moving. I shouldn't be surprised, as I see it all the time with them, with corporate stuff, but all they are interested in is getting as large a market share with any given device by making it cover as many bases as possible and bugger anyone who thinks differently. And now, most shockingly for a company that made over $5 billion last year, they seem to have cheaped out on the consoles innards - more indication that games really aren't their priority, whatever their talking heads say. Games are to them like they are to Apple - a nice hook, but not the purpose of the device. They want to own your living room, games are secondary.

Now this may not be the end of it by any regard. MS have proved before they can throw money at something until it works and they have very deep pockets. I just wish they had been happy with having the #1 GAMES console out there. I agree the industry has to move forward not to stagnate, but I really don't think their path is the right one. Maybe Valves is, who knows? Plus one of my all time favourite consoles had a disastrous launch and terrible, bolted on to innards; the Sega Saturn - and I don't think the XBO is going to be anywhere near as bad as that to develop for!

So I do hope the XBO works out - hopefully it won't be an immediate success, as I think MS needs to learn a bit of humility (although on reflection I doubt that will ever happen!) and as long as it's not a complete disaster I'm sure I'll be getting one come Titanfall release, but for now I could only really justify buying one console for Xmas and it was pretty much a no brainer that it would be PS4 - especially as I've just bought a 1080p projector!! ;)
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User Info: SythisTaru

3 years ago#2
Microsoft is too good for you.
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