Honestly does MS deserve the flack it's getting regarding the Xbone?

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User Info: riddlebox13

4 years ago#61
Ragnoraok posted...
MS reversed all of their major anger inducing policies, so at this point, all of the negativity stems from insecure Sony fanboys. With a reversed better policy, more features, more money, a larger fanbase, better management, and a console meant to last years, the Sony fanboys know they have to rage now before the apparent discrepancies become MORE apparent.

Reversing something or apologizing for it does not completely undo the damage it left. They still had the gall to say outloud that they thought their base was that stupid to accept the policies. Sony has better PR, better exclusives, better hardware, and is cheaper. People also seem to think that Sony is dying. No, their OTHER branches are hurting while their gaming branch is the only thing helping them. With the PS4 flying off the shelves and companies racing over to Sony they will be fine. PS4 will have some issues and we will get to that when it comes out, but Xbox has come out with some of their issues that they want to be known. I've seen the PS4 and X1 both play on multiple occasions for hours and neither one has frozen. As for fanbase PS4 is expected to slam in and beat out X1 at the start by a rather large margin and with the Announcements on Spike the night before I don't think X1 is going to overtake PS4 for at least two years.

The same could be said for people like you who believe half truths. You're insecure so you go on the offensive almost constantly bashing everything and skipping over the bad of X1 and MS. I hope you treat yourself better though and don't let companies walk all over you and take you for a fool. Because in this world a major thing is our own self image which you have let MS spit on, walk on, and kick.

User Info: Dr_Kain

4 years ago#62
Ragnoraok posted...
Comments like these are why MS should have stuck to their guns. I am not saying this in an aggressive manner, but either way, the gaming fanbase would condemn MS for the DRM whether it was taken away or not.

Also, Sony is the real sneaky one here; they are pushing online just as much as MS is, its just incognito. Playing online is now a premium feature, they are baking up Indie games which are exclusively online, etc.

Honestly, I agree because doing a 180 makes them look even worse for the fact that it shows they had no idea what they were doing. It looks just as bad as it did with what they wanted to do. And instead of find a way to fix it, they just abandoned it.

I disagree about Sony, at least, mostly. They straight up said at E3 you will need to have a + account to play games online that are not F2P games. How is that being sneaky? And it isn't like you need + to watch Netflix, Hulu, etc, it is just for games. Anyway, I don't get PS+ to play games or anything, I get PS+ so I can back up all of my saved data onto a server in case my console ever dies.

Now what I do dislike is that Sony did not tell us the PS4 would not be able to do the streaming from the computer to the console like the PS3 could. That is bs right there.
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