Just got my EA check!

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User Info: BrownGotti

4 years ago#1
I just received my check from EA for $64.14 because of the madden lawsuit. This is going towards my purchase of the X1.

User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

4 years ago#2
I totally forgot about that.
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User Info: scenicrides

4 years ago#3
just got mine to 35.10
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User Info: BTM4444

4 years ago#4
What madden lawsuit? What happen?

User Info: Tha_Blocc

4 years ago#5
I haven't received mine yet. Hopefully tomorrow. To those who got theres where are you from? Thanks.
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User Info: xHughJasx

4 years ago#6
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User Info: exe67

4 years ago#7
I just got mine today too! $90.36 because I only ever bought the Maddens, not the NCAA titles. I had completely forgotten about it and was pleasantly surprised when I opened my mailbox today! ^_^

In live in Pennsylvania, btw, for whoever was wondering about location.
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

4 years ago#8
Wish I hadn't stopped playing Madden in 2005...
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User Info: SuperHoneyBunny

4 years ago#9
I remember getting a thing in the mail about that a few years ago.
Did you have to do anything?
I just forgot about it.

User Info: yay4pachirisu

4 years ago#10
i got a check

funny thing. I don't even buy sports games.
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