what problems did the Xbox 360 have at launch apart from RROD?

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  3. what problems did the Xbox 360 have at launch apart from RROD?

User Info: reptileegg

4 years ago#1
did it crash and freeze a lot? If it did, was this fixed with a patch? Hope the X1 has no problems ...

User Info: Troll_Directory

4 years ago#2
crashing and freezing is usually a software problem, but back in 2006 it was sometimes a sign of rrod incoming. some people had trouble with scratched discs. but out of my 4 rrod's/6 xboxes, i never saw that happen.

User Info: leathelj

4 years ago#3
mine never crash or freeze or get rrod i have elite ver my original xbox 360 never got it either but i traded it in for elite ver got a good discount iv had my elite for years now only problems i had were loose disc trey fix it for 12$ and the brick went out after like 8+ years got a new one for 20$ other then that no not a think wrong with it going to play the new gta on it. the xbox one will have no problems this is not the xbox 360 microsoft know how to make a console and form what i have seen it will be fine if your so worry about it don't get one at launch or just don't get one at all.
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User Info: khardbored

4 years ago#4
I must have been the luckiest 360 owner ever. My launch 360 lasted me for 5 years before I sold it. I've owned 5 360s and the only issue I had was a disc read error on my second to last.
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User Info: unclekoolaid73

4 years ago#5
COD 2 froze at a certain point. When you popped smoke in the tutorial it would freeze if you had a "bad" 360. Froze there every time for me. Had to take it back.
Also scratched the disc on Tiger Woods golf. I didn't get it at launch though. I got the second batch that released.

My friend still has his launch 360 but hasn't played it in three years or so.

User Info: RahzarX

4 years ago#6
Scratching discs, overheating, disc drives that wouldn't eject, fans that wouldn't spin, the usual stuff.
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User Info: DK DeathKnight

DK DeathKnight
4 years ago#7
I believe the launch 360's scratched game discs as known problem, this happened to my cousin's launch 360. The RRoD problem started to occur later.

The PS3 had a known issue with their 2nd Model, the 80gb version. It had a faulty fan where the console sounded like a jet engine almost all the time. This happened to me.

As you can see the same family got hit with issues for both consoles.
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User Info: 2NIKNIM

4 years ago#8
Still have my launch Core model. One thing I do remember was the WiFi adapter was very poorly made and could only cope with b+g signals which for the price was an absolute joke compared to the 3rd party dongles of the time. We did not have the 3rd party support update back then either.
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  3. what problems did the Xbox 360 have at launch apart from RROD?

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