Where did you pre order from and how confident are you in them?

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  3. Where did you pre order from and how confident are you in them?

User Info: necro00

3 years ago#1
How confident are you in them having a system on launch day for you?

User Info: necro00

3 years ago#2

User Info: PsychoGates

3 years ago#3
Amazon, and very confident

User Info: 2ndAtomisk

3 years ago#4
Pre-ordered from Amazon. They have yet to let m down with any order I've ever made. The only system I've ever ordered from them though was the Vita. I got it on the release date though. That being said, I'm 100% confident I'll be getting it day one.
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User Info: necro00

3 years ago#5
PsychoGates posted...
Amazon, and very confident

seems like tons of people are using Amazon and very confident/happy with it, I took too long to decide what system to get and amazon was filled up when i decided

User Info: assassin10133

3 years ago#6
MS Store Canada, very confident. Crossing my fingers I'll end up getting it a day early (been known to happen) but I'm not holding my breath on that lol

User Info: crynryan

3 years ago#7
Amazon, and only time something bad's come from them is when my copy of Dead Space 3 arrived a day late. Got a free $20 coupon for complaining.

Honestly have to wonder where their money is coming from if they keep giving it away.
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User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

3 years ago#8
Amazon.com; extremely confident
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User Info: BoxTheMuppet

3 years ago#9
GameStop. They will have it.
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User Info: DillMan926

3 years ago#10
BestBuy.com, can pick it up at midnight on the 22nd. Have no doubts about it.
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  3. Where did you pre order from and how confident are you in them?

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