Is 1080P/60FPS something to expect later?

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User Info: triple s

triple s
3 years ago#41
Honestly, it makes me laugh that all of a sudden every console gamer cares about 1080p/60fps when a year ago they would say they're fine with 720p and 30fps. Personally, I started caring about 1080p/60fps when I actually experienced it on the PC. I had a crap graphics card that was able to play the original Bioshock in 1080p/60fps and I was hooked. Played the Mass Effect 2 demo in which I was able to get 50fps at 1080p and I became a PC gamer at that point on. With PC gaming just as long as you have capable hardware, you usually don't have to sacrifice. The point I'm trying to make is at least with this generation coming, there's always going to be a sacrifice. Sure Call of Duty Ghost is 1080p/60fps, but it's not a technical masterpiece in any shape or form(On the PC maxed, it looks worst than Black Ops 2 did and runs worse and has higher requirements) So yeah, you'll see some games be 1080p/60fps but they won't necessarily look better than some games at a lower resolution. Again, I'm all for 1080p/60fps but one thing some console fanboys don't understand is resolution doesn't automatically make a game look great.
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User Info: dekou

3 years ago#42
TheBroodsRaxon posted...
I hear this a lot, but I feel like a key piece of information that we aren't getting from these reports you're talking about is WHY the Xbox One is harder to develop for. I think if we had that, maybe we would know if we can expect a 1080p/60fps standard in the future (and maybe we'll get that answer after launch). There is a world of difference between saying it's harder to develop for because devs just aren't as familiar with the system (maybe it's a more complex architecture than the PS4? I'm not a tech guy so I don't know if that's even an appropriate guess) and saying it's harder to develop for because the system hasn't been handling the workload the PS4 is handling.

I just explained why. XBOX One has 8 Gb of GDDR3 (slow memory) + 32 Mb of ESRAM (very fast memory). That's atypical. PS4 has 8 Gb of GDDR5 (fast memory). That's atypical, too, because the normal PC architecture is 4-8 Gb of DDR3 separately + 2-3 Gb of GDDR5 in the video card. However, GDDR5 works almost as well in tasks designed for GDDR3 as GDDR3 itself, while GDDR3 can't replace GDDR5 well enough, because it's slow.

Nowadays, consoles have almost the same architecture as PCs, meaning that when you develop a multiplatform title, you can (relatively) easily make it work well on PS4 and PC. XB1, however, requires separate optimization. That's why multiplatform titles look worse on it. It's also why games like Ryse look good. CryTek is optimizing Ryse specifically for XB1 and they're a very skilled studio, at least visuals wise.
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