So what where the big 3 thinking?

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User Info: Cowboy082288

3 years ago#1
What I think about the 3 traditional next gen consoles. Only concerning hardware design. Nothing else.

Here is what this all comes down to. The big 3 console makers are making a bet on different technologies. In broad terms let me explain what I think those bets are (just my opinion).

Nintendo is betting on touch screen in a big way. MS and Sony have some touch screen support but it is more like extra and not fundamental to the systems. MS and Sony game devs don't know for sure that users will have a touch screen so they can't fully count on it. Nintendo is so all in on this idea that they accepted taking a traditional hardware spec drop for it while still being able to launch at the price point they wanted.

Microsoft is betting on motion control and voice recognition. The kinect 2 is not only bundled with the console but it also is the best camera/mic available for this next gen. MS though was not willing to take the hardware spec drop that Nintendo was willing to take. So they are selling their console at a higher price point than the other two.

Sony This one I think is harder to figure. It seems like a catch all strategy. They have a touch pad on the controller but it's not a full fledged touch screen. They have a camera/mic accessory but it's not bundled or as good as the MS version. What thing they seemed to have been concerned with is hardware specs. Supposedly they originally planned to have 4GB of ram but caught wind that MS would have 8. So they went to 8 and the best version available for graphics processing. I personally think it was very important to the people at Sony that they sale at a price point lower than MS.

A couple of things about all this. Anyone of these companies could have decided to build the most traditionally hardware spec 'powerful' system. If Nintendo wanted they could have built a better specced system than the other 2 and sold it at $600 or even $500. Also this is just my opinion on what they decided to do, any person on those design teams could be looking at this laughing at me :) What I do know though is that much more qualified people than myself were making these sort of decisions at these different companies. None of them are dumb, so anytime you think 'such and such is stupid because.....' you should then rethink, because it is probably you that is being stupid.

Also worth noting is that none of these new consoles is as big a leap as we have seen before from console gens as far as hardware specs go. Clearly neither MS, Sony, nor Nintendo think that pushing specs to the limit is the way to go. Hey none of them came out with a 4K reso system :) This is the first time that some mid range PCs are already as good or better than new consoles across the board.
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User Info: yay4pachirisu

3 years ago#2
Sony is going for social gaming ... Similar to Facebook with user profiles and the "share" button

In all honesty we should be at least getting 2k, but I'm not these companies so meh.
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