If you missed this: "PROOF-Microsoft PAYS Gamestop to say Xbox One is better"

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User Info: JohnHalo343

3 years ago#21
Sony is such a despicable, amoral, spineless company. First they exploit crippled people for press coverage, now they stage this in an attempt to win the gullible people over? How low and Pathetic.
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User Info: Viryu

3 years ago#22
BushidoEffect3 posted...
Did you miss the part when she said to him after asking about "Microsoft""OKAY.. you got me. They do tell us to push the xbox more than PS4. I'm sorry-- I'm not supposed to be even telling you this right now.. GOODBYE" *hangs up*

Viryu posted...
I mean, I knew sites like IGN were on the payroll, but retailers?

Since when? You know IGN gives high scores to PS3 exclusives like God of war and went crazy for Last of Us. Specific editors like Colin Moriarty and Greg Miller are self proclaim Sony lovers lol. IGN had their own series hosted with them called "Playstation conversation".

If anything- IGN is COD land, since they keep giving each game a 9 or so.

Whenever I watched a review of a multiplatform title, it was played on Xbox. The few videos I saw outside of reviews, Xbox controllers were used as well, so yeah. Also, once in a while they'll insert a positive Xbox (haven't seen a negative one yet) news article on the PS3's news, which feels awkward.

User Info: PrinceMedion

3 years ago#23
BushidoEffect3 posted...

"VIDEO PROOF! Microsoft PAYS Gamestop to say Xbox One is better than PS4."

Listen to this shilled employee Lol. Sounds young, new recruit- because she caves and says stuff like "I'm not supposed to be telling you this but..." "Between you and I, yes I get a commission. I do get paid".
She gives some awful on the fly reasons as well for why xbone is so much better. The pressure of the moment was getting to her! Not used to smart customers asking hard questions I guess.
Remember the famous Angry Joe interview with major Nelson and DRM?

Also, lol at "PS4 is a decent game..."

Bet she got fired by the manager after this vid went up!

That is so staged its not even funny =_='' you can hear the guy whose 'calling' gamestop about to laugh like every 5 seconds :\ Also the person who picked up the phone didn't do a gamestop 'greeting' which is required of any associate.

I work at GS, look at when that video was posted... it was in June, at that time we were doing very very very limited reserves on the system due to the whole DRM fiasco, our in store television program wasn't even MENTIONING xbox one one it until after they removed the DRM BS.

No one is being paid by Microsoft to promote the xbox one, and we don't get commission (I wish).

You are way to gullible.
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User Info: stawg007

3 years ago#24
Do people really not understand how business works?

This isn't exactly a new thing and any smart business that has the money would do it

The fact that people think this is some sort of despicable thing is hilarious and also rather stupid

User Info: SunDevil77

3 years ago#25
I can call my friend and change their contact info to say "GameStop" too!
Hell, it's about time.
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User Info: -Erika-

3 years ago#26
1nternationa7 posted...
deadmarv posted...
I'm not surprised if this is true.

First youtube, then gamestop, next it will be gamefaqs.

This already happened. Mods were deleting all topics related to DRM after the XBoxOne Reveal. Also at one point, this board got flooded by a bunch of paid shills to spread lies and misinformation about the console. But it seems they gave up now.

As someone who has been on the Xbox One board since its announcement, not a whole lot of what you just said is true or stretches the truth. Almost every topic that got deleted was trolling right from the start or devolved into insults and arguments, and there wasn't ever any flood of paid anythings; it was just one of the most obvious trolls of all time laying some pretty obvious bait that people in the very same topic caught on to that has since been touted as some sort of proof of paid shills, thus giving the troll the attention and fame he craved so dearly. :P
Joshi Spirit

User Info: TylosaurusRex

3 years ago#27
As a former GameStop employee I can certainly tell you that they DO NOT male commission on sales.
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User Info: unforgivenghost

3 years ago#28
You guys are really grasping for straws here. I work in games retail industry, Microsoft or any other gaming company does not pay me to push one brand over the other. Hell I don't even earn commission on any sales like others guys in the hardware departments.

If someone comes up to me and asks me what console to get PS3/X360, now PS4/XbOne (Which has happened a lot) I dont ever push one console over another because I like it. It won't be me who is going to be using it. It comes down to what suits their needs best with types of games and features they want.

I dont work at Gamestop, but a retailer in Australia, however that kind of nonsense doesn't happen either place.

Incentives on the other hand do happen and that's up to particular publishers. Usually it will give free copies of collector editions or something to stores that do the best pre orders or a display in store.

This video is BS.

User Info: drclaeys

3 years ago#29

I get paid to Promote xbone. Its the best. I have no shame.

Commisions might not really be the SAME as getting paid. I can see MS having some "program" in GS stores, for every xbone they sell, they get 5 bucks.... and a context for the store in the state that sells the most bones. They win money.

Sounds like M$ have a marketing staff that is on the ball. They should have been in the room 3 years ago, at design time.

business is business. If its legal, its just business. THank you.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan
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User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#30
BushidoEffect3 posted...
Believe any fantasy you want. you're still on the losing team.

If the topic wasn't enough, this reply shows one's colours.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it isn't even proven that Microsoft pays Gamestop to push the Xbox One. All she says is (along the lines) "they get me to push the Xbox One, I get commission blah blah blah".

The whole thing could be Gamestop requiring them to push the Xbox One. Why? Because it's the dearest. And if employee's are getting a commission, then bloody hell what a shocker!?

Her hanging up doesn't prove that it's all Microsoft's doing. The guy wasted enough of her time, and got her to 'reveal' that they're trying to push the dearest option over the cheaper option, but whatever you can to spin, eh?
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